Andrew Cuomo cries martyr in NYC church over 'cancel culture,' quotes 'wisdom of Jesus' in Gospel of John: 'Remember the stonings in the Bible?'

Disgusting Andrew Cuomo Throws a Fit, Points Finger at Cancel Culture For…

Former New York Governor Andrew Cuomo spoke at a south Bronx church, crying and playing martyr as part of what some are speculating may be a run for office again, Spectrum News 1 reported.

After resigning in disgrace last year following multiple sexual misconduct allegations against him, some expected that Andrew Cuomo would simply fade off into non-political life, at least for a few years until the heat died down.

In an attempt to defend himself against his political enemies, the Democrat blamed cancel culture for his ouster from office — and quoted the Bible in the process.

“Stand up to the extremists!” Cuomo loudly told the room filled with Latino church leaders. “Cancel the cancel culture! That’s not who we are. We’re Americans! Our cancel-culture mentality today is like modern-day stonings. Remember the stonings in the Bible? Remember the wisdom of Jesus; John 8:7: ‘Let he without sin throw the first stone.'”

“Amen to that!” one supporter shouted back at the former governor.

“They all walked away. They all walked away,” Cuomo soon said, referring to those who brought an adulteress to Jesus and said the Law of Moses said she should be stoned to death.

Cuomo also called cancel culture a “social death penalty. Anyone can get canceled at any time. And it happens with frequency. No one’s immune.”

Spectrum News 1 also noted in their reporting on Cuomo’s little speech that the crowd pushed for the former governor to return to public office, even to run for president.

But some weren’t on board with the idea.

The Blaze reports:

Assemblyman Ron Kim ripped what he said was Cuomo’s victim tour to distract from an audit that said New York’s health agency under Cuomo undercounted at least 4,100 COVID-related nursing home deaths.

“Andrew Cuomo himself tried to cancel old people, he tried to cancel survivors, and he’s around a person who’s tried to cancel gay people,” Kim told NY1, with his last example presumably a reference to former City Council member Rubén Díaz Sr., who introduced Cuomo before his speech. The City Council sanctioned Díaz for anti-LGBTQ remarks, the outlet said.

Kim added to NY1 that “there’s a theme here. But [Cuomo] is a master manipulator.”

Former Republican Gov. George Pataki also spoke out about the former governor, saying that if Cuomo “decides to run, he’ll be about as successful as Anthony Weiner was in his return to elective politics.”

Cuomo has used similar references — cancel culture and Christianity — during a speech at a Brooklyn church, which was his first public appearance since resigning from office.

But, the office of state Attorney General Letitia James — who concluded Cuomo sexually harassed 11 women, including executive staffers and a state trooper — mocked his appearance at the church, the New York Post said.

“Serial sexual harasser Andrew Cuomo won’t even spare a house of worship from his lies,” the statement from James’ office read. “Even though multiple independent investigations found his victims to be credible, Cuomo continues to blame everyone but himself. Cuomo wasn’t railroaded; he quit so he wouldn’t be impeached. New Yorkers are ready to move forward from this sick, pathetic man.”


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