Democrat Does the Unthinkable, Goes AGAINST His Party By…

West Virginia Democrat Joe Manchin has once again become the bane of his party’s efforts in the Senate after using his pivotal vote to shoot down a radical piece of legislation intended to cement and expand the legality of abortion in federal law. Manchin, who openly criticized the legislation for going too far, joined with abortion-supporting Republicans Lisa Murkowski and Susan Collins to ensure that the legislation had no chance of passing.

Manchin kills extreme abortion legislation

Democrats have declared that the Republicans will lose votes in November as a result of the vote; polls, they say, show that a majority of Americans support Roe v. Wade.

Even if that is true (it’s more like half) the vote in the Senate was not a referendum on Roe v. Wade, which is why Manchin refused to go along with it.

The Democrats claimed that they were simply attempting to codify Roe v. Wade, but they were actually attempting to pass legislation that would have drastically expanded abortion nationwide.

Their legislation was meant to force states to allow abortion effectively at any time and for any reason, including just before birth.

That would be an extremely radical change and one that most Americans are not asking for. Democrats had earlier added and then removed language that described abortion restrictions as white supremacist tools of gender oppression.

If those changes were meant to win over Manchin, Murkowski, and Collins then they failed. The West Virginia Democrat was the only senator to break with the party.

Democrats go too far for moderates

Had the legislation merely been the codification of Roe v. Wade that it was sold as, Manchin would have voted to pass it and the Democrats would have won a victory.

Instead, they went too far for the moderates and likely too far for many independent voters. The new abortion rules would be far more permissive than those present in most of Europe.

In fact, their proposal would be matched by few nations worldwide. The United States is already unusual globally in its permissiveness towards abortion.

Republicans can thank the Democrats for the fact that they felt the need to go so far with their abortion policy, rather than sticking to a simple codification of Roe v. Wade.

The number of Republican-leaning voters who feel that keeping abortion legal nationally is the single most important issue is likely to be small, and even those voters may be skeptical about the expansions being sold by the left.

Manchin isn’t likely to suffer for his vote either, as West Virginia voters have repeatedly shown that they are willing to support their moderate Democrat, even if he regularly infuriates the rest of the party.

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