Sasha Obama Caught Lighting Up a Cigarette on Solo Spa Trip

My how the Obamas have fallen. Once known as the First Daughter of he United State, 22-year-old Sasha Obama now is making headlines for a recent less than appealing photo. Barack Obama’s daughter was spotted puffing on a cigarette during a solo spa trip day.

The University of Southern California graduate was photographed leaving the Los Angeles wellness center wearing a crop top and bright green sweatpants.

Though her parents, former President Barack Obama and first lady Michelle Obama have not commented on their daughter’s recent activities, it appears that she may have picked up some bad habits from them.

An onlooker told that Sasha spent more than three hours at the self-care center indulging in classic treatments such as messages, facials and manicures.

She opted for a comfortable look with black tank top showing off her midriff paired with neon green trousers and flip flops. Her long braided brown locks were pulled back in a ponytail with minimal makeup completing her ensemble.

Before driving off, she stopped to enjoy a cigarette – something she has been seen doing before this occasion as well.

Though it remains unclear if smoking is something Sasha picked up solely on her own or acquired from either parent as they both have had struggles with it in the past.

In 2009 during press conference former President Barack admitted that he “constantly struggled” with smoking though his daily habit was no longer 10 cigarettes per day like it once was when he began smoking as a teenager.

He also promised his wife Michelle to quit before he ran for president which led him to 95% cures status despite admitting to having “fallen off wagon sometimes”.

His 2020 memoir ‘A Promised Land’ mentioned about still struggling to keep quitting but credited his eldest daughter Malia who is now 25 years old for helping him do so after seeing her frown at him whenever she smelled smoke on his breath.

Malia has also been seen puffing cigarettes multiple times over recent years but again there’s no confirmation if this habit was taken from any family member or not.

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