Watch: Moment News Reporter Nearly Blown Up

A new video is going viral that shows not even reporters are safe from the chaos and turmoil of the Israel-Hamas conflict. On Friday, November 3, one Fox News reporter had a close call when a rocket was launched from inside Gaza. This all happened on a live broadcast when Trey Yingst was interviewing Fox News anchor Kayleigh McEnany when the missile blasted near them, showering the area with debris and damaging buildings and vehicles.

Yingst described for viewers what he witnessed as alarms went off and Israeli police officers rushed to the scene. He could see shrapnel embedded in walls left by the rocket, which had slipped past Israel’s Iron Dome system. The engine from the projectile was also visible nearby.

He explained that since there have been countless rockets fired at Israel, Iron Dome often has too many targets to intercept them all so it only stops those headed towards populated areas, preserving other missiles for those situations instead.

The journalist later shared his own video on X detailing the harrowing moment in which the missile exploded near him and other reporters, showing just how little time Israelis have – less than 10 seconds – before projectiles reach their destination without being intercepted by Iron Dome.

He offered this clip as an example of why no one was hurt or killed in the incident near the kindergarten which could have easily gone differently otherwise. “It gives you a sense of just how little time people have in these southern communities to respond when there is rocket fire,” he said.

Friday’s incident served as a grim reminder of just how vulnerable civilians are during times of conflict. Fortunately no one was injured or killed but this could certainly be different next time around if people don’t make it out in time.

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