Video: Trump Makes an Appearance

Video: Trump Makes an Appearance

A video shared on social media shows supporters of President Donald Trump gathering in West Palm Beach, Florida to rally for the former president, who made a surprise appearance during the gathering.

Hundreds of people from all across Florida came together on the corner of Southern Boulevard and Parker Avenue to hold a rally for President’s Day.

Trump drove through the crowd to say hello to his supporters, waving as his fans waved American flags and Trump flags to show their support for him.


Supporters chanted “USA! USA! USA!” as Trump slowed his vehicle down to wave.

“This is President’s Day, I believe President Trump still is our president. He’s the best president this country’s ever seen, and I would go far and wide — there’s people who drove here from Atlanta, so I feel like this was an easy one for me,” one Florida resident at the rally stated in a video clip shared on YouTube.

Despite the media and the Democrats’ insistence that Donald Trump has lost support and destroyed the Republican Party, rallies like this show that Trump is still an important figure for average Americans, many of whom believe that a fair election would have led to his second term.


Trump showing up to this rally to wave to his supporters shows that he isn’t going to fade out of public life like Democrats hope he will. As many of his close allies have said, this is only just the beginning for Donald Trump.

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