Vac Pass Abandoned By THIS Govt

On Sunday, United Kingdom Health Minister Sajid Javid confirmed that they have abandoned the idea of requiring a vaccine pass for patrons to be allowed in to clubs and events. Over in England, they’re smart enough to realize that vaccine passports are a bad idea.

Show your pass please

Joe Biden said that he wasn’t going to implement vaccine passports so he came up with a more devious scheme. Your employer is required to make you show a pass before you can clock in.

No need for a passport to hit the bars and restaurants since you have have one for work. Civil Libertarians are outraged. Across the pond they sidestepped the entire issue, with a heavy sigh of relief.


Even their top health official didn’t like the idea of requiring a pass for social functions. “I’ve never liked the idea of saying to people, you must show your papers to do something that is just an everyday activity.”

Now that he’s not on the spot over it he can admit that. He still insists they had to check into it. They did and public opinion was overwhelmingly against it. That’s when they decided their 66% vaccination rate would let them drop the plan.

Here in America, our rate is only 53% which has liberals expecting to drop dead in the supermarket if somebody coughs. In England, the backlash was massive. One politician tweeted a big thank you for “ruling out domestic covid vaccine passports.”


William Wragg wasn’t about to show a pass and neither were any of his buddies in Parliament. “It was clear many ministers were rightly skeptical of them. The evidence for them was flimsy at best, not to mention an infringement of civil liberties. Glad voices of common sense have prevailed.

America in chaos

Ever since Imperial Leader Joe Biden announced his scheme for a vaccine pass program on Thursday, corporate America has been in chaos. They have questions for the palace, lots of them. OSHA is going to be running around soon and slapping $14,000 fines for every infraction they can find.

CEOs want to know what the rules of the game are. Nobody in the palace seems to have a clue. There are a lot of really important loose ends hanging out and the whole silly mess is about to come unraveled.

First of all, who pays for all this “testing” required weekly for anyone who refuses the shot? The employer thinks the employee should pay for that. Then there is the question over the meaning of the phrase “fully vaccinated.”

Does that mean a booster too? When you count the 100 employees, is that in one location or around the world? Even the people on the hook to check the pass has no idea what’s going on.

According to Michael Lotito, an employment lawyer, “What we have right now is chaos because of the unintended consequences of making such an announcement where there is no clarity with respect to a gargantuan number of questions that have been left open.” You can take the pass and shove it. It won’t be going into effect this week. There’s still time for it to die a slow and painful death in the public forum.

“The rules will be enforced by the federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration, and are expected to be issued in the coming weeks, an administration official said Thursday. But the agency took several months to issue a Covid-19 health care emergency temporary standard earlier this year and spent weeks meeting with stakeholders on the rule.”

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