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Tucker Carlson Releases Bombshell Interview [Video]

For months, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton was caught in a wave of allegations of corruption and misuse of taxpayer dollars. Now, after dealing with an impeachment trial based in political persecution, Paxton comes forward in a new interview with Tucker Carlson to tell his side of the story.

Here’s what we learned from this exclusive chat between the two powerhouses.

As AG Paxton faced potential removal from office, former President Donald Trump offered words of support that helped keep him afloat during these tumultuous times.

In the interview, he credited Trump for “saving” him from being removed from office by offering public support when few others would do so.

This kind gesture certainly won’t go unreciprocated- without a doubt, AG Paxton will be sure to return the favor in some way before next year’s election.

AG Paxton suggested during his interview that Biden administration attorneys may have had a hand in investigating him – something that could prove troublesome if true (though not yet confirmed).

He claimed two attorneys were sent specifically to investigate him and speculated they were prompted to do this because of all the legal trouble he was causing them – out of 48 cases filed against Biden’s administration, 77 percent were successful.

Additionally, he believes Republicans who control the chamber relied on these attorneys as well as Democrats like those within Biden’s team to help push through an impeachment conviction in the House and later removal via Senate hearings- though both attempts did not succeed due to lack of evidence provided by prosecutors.

In days leading up to Memorial Day weekend, Bush advisor Karl Rove wrote an op-ed predicting AG Paxton’s removal from office calling him a “huge liberal.”

Ironically enough though, according to Carlson and Paxton himself, Rove has consistently backed losing candidates including ones challenging Paxton for attorney general seat.

Furthermore, Wall Street Journal denied Paxton the opportunity to write rebuttal regarding op-ed written by Rove which speaks volumes about their supposed bias towards GOP members like him.

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