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Later this month, Donald Trump has a big debate coming up against Joe Biden.

The problem for Trump, as you probably know, is that Joe Biden will hit him on his felony conviction, but Trump cannot say anything because of the gag order.

So, Trump’s team is now filing to have the gag order lifted since the trial is over.

Election Interference

All the witnesses have testified and the jury has issued its verdict, yet the gag order has still not been lifted.

Trump Attorney Todd Blanche stated, “It’s a little bit of the theater of the absurd at this point, right? Michael Cohen is no longer a witness in this trial.

“The trial is over. The same thing with all the other witnesses. So, we’ll see.

“I don’t mean that in any way as being disrespectful of the judge and the process.

“I just want to be careful and understand when it no longer applies.”

Alvin Bragg’s office then answered the motion by saying that it believes the gag order should remain in place at least until after sentencing, possibly until all of the appeals have been heard.

That, honestly, is ridiculous because the gag order was meant to prevent Trump from intimidating jury members or witnesses.

With the sentencing trial not set until early July, that would mean that Biden could lob bombs at Trump, and unless he wanted to risk being fined again or being sent to jail, Trump would have to bite his lip and take the incoming shots.

At the very least, Merchan should lift the gag order for the debate, which would give Trump a chance to defend himself.

Anything else, in my opinion, equates to election interference.

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