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Survey Reveals Over 60% of People Believe Biden Played a Role in Trump Indictment

There is a very interesting poll that was just published.

The survey looked at what voters thought regarding the possibility that Biden was behind the indictments.

This is a narrative that Trump has been pushing, and by the results, it seems to be working.

Joe Did It

The survey asked, “And how much of a role would you say President Joe Biden has played in the indictments of former President Donald Trump?”

A massive 60 percent said they believed that Biden has some role in this.

Only 29 percent said Biden had no role, and 11 percent were unsure.

About half of those who believe Joe had a role believe that he played a “major” role in the indictments.

The concern for Biden here is the big number of independents that believe he was involved in this because they will play a major role in who wins the race in 2024.

As I noted above, Trump has really been hammering this angle.

For instance, he recently stated, “What they’re doing is election interference.

“They’re trying to interfere with an election.

“There’s never been anything like it in our country before.

“This is their way of campaigning.”

Clearly, people are buying what Trump is selling, but he just needs to make sure he beats these cases or he could wind up disqualified from the election.

Source: McLaughlin & Associates

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