Topless Woman’s Video Turns Fatal [Video]

Video of a topless woman went viral as she was seen taking off her top and hanging out the window of a car to put on a show. Unfortunately, however, the video ended fatally, as her risqué stunt went horribly wrong.

Natalia Borodina was a 35-year-old Russian mother working in Cannes, France as an estate agent when she decided to take a vacation to the Dominican Republic. She had it all–a great career, a loving son, and a beautiful body.

Little did she know that her fun exhibitionism would lead to her death. This tragic story serves as an important reminder of how dangerous decisions made in the name of fun can have extremely devastating consequences.

Before Natalia set off for her dreamy vacation, her friend Ivanna Boirachuk recorded her putting on a show while they drove down the highway near Punta Cana in their red Kia car.

Natalia took off her bikini top and stuck out half of her body from the window as she danced and laughed with joyous abandon while Ivanna captured it all on video. Everything seemed perfectly safe until Natalia suddenly slipped and hit her head against a street sign post with full force, leaving behind bloodied car windows and heartbroken friends and family members who were left mourning over this senseless tragedy.

Natalia was rushed to the hospital but succumbed to serious injuries shortly after due to the accident. Although it is unconfirmed whether Natalia was alive when images were taken after the accident or not, it is clear that this was an incredibly graphic scene that should warn others of taking such risks with their lives for mere entertainment purposes.

It has been reported by Moskovsky Komsomolets that Natalia’s friend Ivanna Boirachuk was detained at first suspecting alcohol consumption may have been involved however, police later released Ivanna without any charges against her proving no wrongdoing on part by either of them before or during this tragic event transpired.

Fortunately enough, Natalia’s young son who might have been accompanying his mother on holiday wasn’t present in the car at this time but regardless he will be heartbroken by his mother’s sudden demise which he will never be able to make sense of despite being too young to comprehend what happened himself.

Her family remembers Natalia as someone incredibly caring and loving which makes it even sadder that she will now forever be known online for taking things entirely too far resulting in an untimely death which could have so easily been avoided if only wiser decisions were made instead.

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