Top Democrat Leader Caught in HUGE Scandal

New York is having an unusually bad run of “massive scandal” headlines lately, aren’t they? The latest prominent New York Democrat to make headlines for being ridiculously corrupt is Mayor Bill DeBlasio. How corrupt is he? Glad you asked. How about using your NYPD Security detail as a taxi service for your campaign staffers in your failed Presidential election? Wait it gets worse. Here’s a fun one: maybe like using your heavily armed, well-trained, super expensive security detail as MOVING CREW to help your daughter move, or using them to Uber your son to school or wherever in New York he happened to need to go… How about owning the city $320,000 in unpaid compensation for using your security detail for campaign and personal reasons?

De Blasio made a bland attempt to defend his corrupt waste of City Tax dollars,

“I didn’t know anything about any details of my daughter’s move. In fact, she had very few possessions. She was going to just take them in the car that was normally available for the very reasons that we discussed because the NYPD made the decision that any time that she would accept protection is in the public interest.”

He failed to mention that his daughter was moving from her apartment in Brooklyn into his official home Gracie Mansion. How was he unaware of the details of someone moving into his own house?

Did we mention the attempted coverup? According to OANN,

“The Department of Justice also noted the head of the security detail actively obstructed and sought to prevent the agency’s investigation.”

The New York City Department of Investigation’s Damning Findings Of The Scandal

Let’s break this down by each of the allegations we mentioned earlier with some details provided by the NYC Dept. of Investigation’s report so you’ll know we aren’t kidding.

  1. Using your NYPD Security detail as a taxi service for your campaign staffers in your failed Presidential election“Four members of the EPU [Executive Protection Unit], including two EPU sergeants and the EPU lieutenant, told DOI that, while traveling with the Mayor on trips related to his 2019 presidential campaign, they transported campaign staffers with the Mayor in the detail vehicles. At times, these staffers rode in the same vehicle as the Mayor, and at times they rode in other motorcade vehicles.19 The staffers were mayoral staffers who had taken leaves of absence from their City positions to work on the Mayor’s presidential campaign. Several detail members, including two EPU sergeants, told DOI that they were never notified that these staffers had taken leaves of absence, and were working for the campaign and not City Hall, while traveling.” the report read.
  2. Using your heavily armed, well-trained, super expensive NYPD security detail as MOVING CREW to help your daughter move.- According to NY1, “During Chiara’s move from her apartment to Gracie Mansion, the report found that an NYPD sprinter van was used to transport some of her belongings and that at least one Emergency Protection Unit member, the team responsible for the security needs of the mayor within the NYPD’s Intelligence Bureau, helped move furniture into and out of the sprinter van, which the report said was “a misuse of NYPD resources for a personal benefit, whether it was requested or merely accepted.”
  3. Using the NYPD to Uber your son to school or wherever in New York he happened to need to go…- “[T]he Mayor, First Lady McCray, and Inspector Redmond all acknowledged that, after the dissolution of his standing security detail, Dante de Blasio was transported by NYPD personnel on numerous occasions, on an ad hoc basis. None of the three could provide specifics about those trips, but all three took the position that it was their understanding that Dante was entitled to be transported by NYPD personnel at any time, at his sole option. Each witness couched their understanding of this prerogative in terms of “security” for Dante,
    although DOI’s investigation determined that, regardless of what his true security needs may have been, in practice, the use of this prerogative was not correlated with any security analysis but was instead driven solely by a combination of Dante’s preferences and the availability of personnel who were otherwise assigned to the Mayor, the First Lady, or to protect the premises at City Hall or Gracie Mansion.”

In summation, Bill DeBlasio and his “defund the police” wife Mrs. McCray have wildly misused their NYPD protective detail for their convenience and that of their children and guests. Gee for someone who wants to strip the NYPD of their funding, placing them at risk and hindering their effectiveness…. they sure enjoyed using them as moving men and chauffeurs didn’t they?

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