ICYMI – I would love to see the crew that the FBI has working on taking down Republicans because it must be substantial.

After conducting a surprise raid against Donald Trump, the FBI has struck again, this time taking down Tennessee state Rep. Glen Casada, 63, of Franklin, Tennessee, and his former chief of staff Cade Cothren, 35, of Nashville.

We will not deny that Casada appears guilty as sin, but we cannot help but wonder when the FBI and DOJ will investigate the other side of the aisle with such robustness and zeal.

Take Him Down

Casada, by all counts, appears to be a scumbag hustling people out of money.

He and his co-conspirators were running a mailing scam that was sending lots of money to his bank account.

Both men mentioned above were arrested, with 20 felony counts hanging over their heads.

According to Fox News, the two men are charged with “conspiracy to commit theft from programs receiving federal funds; bribery and kickbacks concerning programs receiving federal funds; honest services wire fraud; and conspiracy to commit money laundering.

“The indictment also charges Casada and Cothren with using a fictitious name to carry out fraud; theft concerning programs receiving federal funds; eight counts of money laundering; six counts of honest services wire fraud; and two counts of bribery and kickbacks.”

Again, I have all for rooting out political corruption but isn’t Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) running a campaign mailer scam to pay her daughter?

I also seem to remember a story about someone named Hunter Biden, with videos of drugs, guns, and prostitution.

There may have even been something about a sitting vice president knowingly interacting with his son’s business partners, but I could be wrong.

Just saying, FBI, give us a level playing field and all will be forgiven.

Source: Fox News

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