The Father Who Forced SICK Pedo to Dig His Own Grave Gets Nod from Judge

Sometimes you come across a story, that as a parent simply makes sense. This is one of them.  In the village of Pribrezhnoye in the Samara region of Russia Vyacheslav M., a young father discovered a video on his best friend Oleg Sviridov’s phone of the pedophile sexually abusing his six-year-old daughter. Two weeks later, Oleg’s body was discovered in the woods,  in a shallow grave he had been forced to dig for himself, he was stabbed in the chest. The story that led from the nightmarish moment when the father saw the video and heard his precious daughter pleading with the pedo rapist “Oleg, that’s enough, I can’t take it anymore. I want to go home”, to the damp shallow ditch in the forest, is one that any father, parent or grandparent can absolutely relate to.

The Tale Of The Pedo Oleg Sviridov And Vyacheslav’s Justice

Source: Twitter (@LigaAoFilipe) Left: Oleg Sviridov, Right: Vyacheslav M.

The U.S. Sun reported what happened when Vyacheslav found the video as told by his wife, the mother of the victim.

“His wife last year told the Sun Online that when she came home from work on August 25 she found the two ex-pals fighting in the bathroom before the beaten and bruised Sviridov fled the house.

She said: “[He] was hysterical, shellshocked. I had never seen him like that.

“It took him a long time to come to his senses to explain to me.”

“With his trembling hands, he took out Oleg’s phone and showed me a video.”

“You cannot imagine what I experienced when I saw it. I felt sick, I was dizzy, and nauseous.”

“I shook all over. I could not believe my eyes that it was our child in the video. Then my husband started crying. He kept repeating: ‘He is my best friend, I trusted him with our children, I trusted him as myself’.”

With information compiled from reports in East2West, The Sun, LouderWithCrowder and The New York Post we can glean the sequence of events with some degree of accuracy.

  • After the initial brawl at Vyacheslav’s home, he sought out Oleg
  • The two came to the woods where Oleg’s body was found.
    • It is unknown if Oleg came voluntarily or was compelled by Vyacheslav.
  • According to The Sun, “The dad reportedly told friends he forced Sviridov to dig the grave but only to scare him.”
  • Vyacheslav informed the police that “Sviridov attacked him and fell on the knife in the struggle”
    • His wife corroborated this, but it is unknown if she was actually present.
    • She claimed that “Sviridov tried to stab him with the knife and he fought back with the shovel. The paedo then “realised he had nothing to live for” and stuck the knife in his own chest, she said.”
  • After Oleg’s body fell into the grave, Vyacheslav buried him, keeping the phone as evidence of Oleg’s crimes.
  • Vyacheslav brought Oleg’s phone to the police and informed them of his crimes but did not inform them Oleg was dead.
    • A few weeks later he confessed to the knife fight and told authorities where to find the body.

The Mirror reported that “Police said there were multiple videos on Sviridov’s phone of him abusing other girls, aged six and 11.” they also revealed that Oleg was allegedly the girl’s Godfather and would babysit for her parents multiple times.

The Russian court and the locals in the Samara Oblast seemed to agree, Vyacheslav initially faced a murder charge, which has been dropped for a far lesser charge of “inciting Sviridov to take his own life” after a petition was signed by over 2,500 demanding the court fully acquit him and hailing him as a hero.

Vyacheslav’s supporters didn’t just sign a petition either, they fundraiser and hired one of the top lawyers in Southern Russia.

“We have collected the money, thank you all,” Vyachelsav’s father said in an update. “It was not friends or relatives who helped, but strangers from the village.”

One supporter said locals were “united” in wanting him freed and acquitted because “he saved our kids from potential pedophile abuse.”

Lawyer Vera Podkolzina said proving Sviridov’s guilt from video evidence will be critical.“It is difficult to say what punishment the father of the girl may face, but he has very powerful mitigating circumstances,” she said according to The Post.

There can truly be but one criticism for Vyachelsav’s actions under the circumstances: it was too mercifully quick.

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