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Supreme Court Justice Removal Announcement…

Trump-appointed Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett is under fire.

There are now requests for Barrett to recuse herself from a case over her faith.

The request is ludicrous, and she better not fold.

Get Her Out

The request has been made by former members of People of Praise, a network of lay Christian communities founded in 1971 in South Bend, IN.

They want her to recuse herself from 303 Creative LLC v. Aubrey Elenis.

Barrett is considered a member of People of Praise by the group, but Barrett has never publicly stated any affiliation with the group.

Her faith has been used against her since the nomination process, so this request is not necessarily shocking, albeit idiotic.

Former member of the group, Maria Sullivan, stated, “I don’t believe that someone in her position, who is a member of this group, could put those biases aside, especially in a decision like the one coming up.”

In this case, the owner of the graphics firm, Lorie Smith, wants to post a statement that she will not accept same-sex clients because it conflicts with her religious beliefs.

Smith’s lead attorney, Kristen K. Waggoner, stated, “A win for Lori would not only be a win for her, it would also be a win for the LGBT graphic designer who doesn’t want to be forced to create art and promote messages that they disagree with.”

This is just something I will never understand… why would you even want to give business to someone that does not want to take it?

There are other graphic design firms and other bakeries, etc., who would love to have this business.

Why do these groups insist on fighting with these people over their religious beliefs when they can just give their business to someone who supports their cause?

I mean, am I wrong in thinking that way?:

Would you not rather use an LGBTQ+ business than hand over a check to someone you make cringe?

It just makes no sense.

Source: Fox News

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