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Supreme Court Just Handed Trump a Huge Victory

It looks like former President Donald Trump will have some good news to start out his week. On Monday, October 2, the US Supreme Court declined to take up the case filed by Republican presidential candidate John Anthony Castro in a feeble attempt to keep Trump off the 2024 ballot.

This decision provides some relief for Trump’s legal team as they face challenges on state levels and in other states like New Hampshire from election officials who are contemplating similar cases.

This landmark ruling is also a win for Republicans everywhere and shows that there is still hope for our party as we move forward in this historic election cycle.

John Anthony Castro, a tax attorney and perennial candidate who switched party affiliations from Democrat to Republican following the 2020 election, had filed suit against President Trump alleging he had violated Section 3 of 14th Amendment which denies an American citizen their right to run for office if they’ve “engaged in insurrection or rebellion” or have “given aid or comfort” to insurrectionists.

In his filings, Castro claimed that he was seeking relief from the court as a primary challenger of President Trump for the GOP nomination. He argued that since he is running against him and could potentially lose votes due to his eligibility issues, this gave him legal standing.

Further adding that while Section 3 of 14th Amendment was designed specifically with popular pro-insurrectionists like Donald Trump in mind in order to disqualify them from running for office, it also provided protection for those such as himself seeking relief from such individuals.

President Trump has denied his involvement with J6 riots and decried all legal cases against him as an attempted “witch hunt” orchestrated by opponents who are trying to stop him from beating President Joe Biden in next year’s election.

It remains unclear what effect these efforts will have on his chances at regaining office come 2024.

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