Shocking Border Patrol Picture Goes Viral

As American citizens, it’s important, vital even, to remain informed about the current state of our nation, being mindful of the events taking place around us and how they may impact our lives. Luckily, we have Republicans like former Texas Congresswoman Mayra Flores who show us the truth of what’s happening on the southern border, unlike mainstream media that is desperate to keep things hidden .

Flores issued a stark warning about the violence and chaos occurring along Joe Biden’s broken border. Flores states that Mexican cartels are in full control of the southern border and that it has become far too easy for terrorists to enter into our country due to an absence of border security.

The former congresswoman recently shared horrific images depicting a bloody Border Patrol Agent who had allegedly been attacked by an illegal migrant near McAllen, Texas. She posted an accompanying caption which read “This is the type of violence that is being exerted on Border Patrol Agents by those who don’t want to be apprehended…Please pray for our men and women in uniform” alongside a photo of another individual who had reportedly been labeled as “a rat” by drug cartels with what looked like a marking etched onto his forehead.

It is deeply disturbing to think about how much violence and danger our brave law enforcement officers face every day while trying to protect us all from criminals entering into our country illegally.

Although Mayra Flores lost her bid for election in 2022, she announced in July that she would be running again next year — hopefully with more support from fellow Republicans this time around.

We must not allow her warnings about this dangerous chaos along our nation’s borders go unheard.

We need more Republicans like Mayra Flores willing to stand up against those who wish to do harm within our own borders — both foreign criminals coming into our country illegally and domestic politicians looking away from their responsibility towards protecting Americans everywhere.

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