Breaking: Assassination Attempt By Socialist Activist


News broke on Friday of an absolutely horrible murder.

A former University of Vermont student is dead at the hands of a madman.

While police have not yet uncovered the motive, all signs pointed to a jilted lover or something along those lines.

If I Can’t Have You…

Kayla Noonan, who was only 22, is now dead.

She was living about a mile away from her former school when her life was ended.

Mikal Dixon, 27, it has been confirmed, had some previous relationship with Noonan.

He attempted to break in through the front door but was unsuccessful, but he did manage to get in through the window.

After entering the apartment, he opened fire, killing Noonan and wounding her friend.

He then turned his weapon on himself and ended his own life.

The friend, only identified by initials, was the one that called the police.

She is now listed in stable but critical condition.

Police continue to investigate in search of the motives for the attack.

Source: Fox News

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