SHOCKING Report on Chuck Schumer

Schumer Panicking… Time is Running Out!

Senator Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) is now racing against time.

Schumer needs to get a budget bill passed and he needs to get it passed before the end of the year.

If he doesn’t, the GOP can use the budget as leverage against Biden to get some major concessions.

That is, if Kevin McCarthy has the backbone to do it.

Time is Running Out

Why Schumer was not pushing for this before is beyond me, but they all seem to love the last-minute drama.

No president wants to have the government shutdown, but that is how we have been operating for years in this country.

Democrats leveraged the budget against Trump during virtually every session, getting him to cave on key issues with the threat of a government shutdown.

Now that the GOP has the leverage, Democrats are crying foul.

Even Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin is getting in on the act, stating, “Under [a short-term funding bill], Congress prohibits the military from commencing new initiatives, such as those requested by our theater commanders in the Indo-Pacific and around the world or in support of service members and their families at home.

“We must break this pattern of extensive inaction. We can’t outcompete China with our hands tied behind our backs.”

You know what… I don’t care.

I am sick of the GOP caving to Democrats and I am sick of losing every major fight because our representatives don’t have the guts to push all-in without looking at their hand and daring Democrats to call them.

This is the only leverage we have if we expect to get legislation passed, and they better use it.

Source: Fox News

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