Republicans Successfully Flip Dem Seat

Conservative Republicans can report a decisive victory in the battle to retake majorities. Ryan Fazio successfully flipped Democrat Alex Gevanter right out of his Connecticut state Senate seat. This special election result gives deplorables hope it can be repeated elsewhere.

Republicans strike ‘major blow’

Nationalist minded conservatives are concentrating all their efforts on a “red wave” of Republicans retaking the majorities in 2022 midterms. State legislatures are just as crucial as the federal contests. Connecticut Democrats got hit between the eyes with a sledge hammer in the special election they had Tuesday, August 24.

As Patriot Project notes, “Republican Ryan Fazio dealt a major blow to Democrats as he flipped a state Senate seat in a district” which Imperial Leader Joe Biden claims he “won by more than 25 percent in November.”

Fazio was quick to thank his supporters. “I am grateful beyond words to this community for the trust they have placed in me. I will work hard every day to validate it as your state senator.” Compare that to the Democrats in Texas who went criminally AWOL to shirk their legal duties. The real slap in the face is they expect to get paid for their little unscheduled vacations.

Republicans are still rolling up their sleeves, knowing the real work is yet to come. “Now the real work begins: It’s time to bring a positive change to our state gov’t and a brighter future for CT,” Fazio tweeted.

Dee Duncan, who serves as president of the Republican State Leadership Committee proudly proclaimed the victory as “the first flip of a state legislative seat in a special election by either party in 2021.” That deserves a hand.

“Congratulations to Ryan Fazio on running a strong campaign,” he typed in an email, his “victory demonstrates that the people of Connecticut are sick and tired of the radical tax and spend agenda coming from Democrats in Hartford and in Washington, D.C.” It’s time for Republicans to take charge and bring back law and order.

Looted like Kabul

Democrats have been in control of Washington long enough. We need to get them out of power before they allow the nation to be burned to the ground and looted. Like Kabul.

“With Democrats controlling Washington, it’s more important than ever that we have strong Republican leadership in the states. Tonight’s result is further evidence that Republicans are on offense this cycle,” Duncan added.

The ranking State Senate GOP leader couldn’t wait to welcome Fazio to the chamber. “His successful election shows” that conservative nationalism “is resonating with young people who want to make our state a better place.”

Not all the young people are decked out in Antifa® approved battle gear and firing roman candles at cops. “The next generation is standing up as Republicans, and as candidates, and they are not afraid to make their voices heard and advocate for change.”

Even liberal Democrats have “disdain for the Biden administration” since the total disaster in Afghanistan. Add that to the wide open southern border with numbers showing it’s clearly an invasion. Prices are changing so fast the bread you bought yesterday costs more today, simply because Democrats keep setting money on fire by funding frivolous waste.

Republicans are starting to look more and more attractive to the centrist DINOs. Tuesday’s surprise flip “says the Biden administration isn’t reflecting positively on Democrats in general. We’ve only been subjected to the progressive regime for a few months, and it’s already hard to see Democrats doing well next November.”

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