Professor Calls For Killing Christians

This far-left professor thought he could get off without punishment after speaking in an interview about his public posts calling for the murder of Christians. Sadly for him, he learned his lesson the hard way after returning to campus.

Recently, Jeff Klinzman, an adjunct professor at Kirkwood Community College in Iowa, publicly declared himself a member of the far-left militant group Antifa and went on to call for “killing” and “burying” evangelical Christians due to their influence on the nation.

From this announcement, many worried that the college would defend his violent rhetoric as free speech – a notion all too common among campuses today. But thankfully, this was not the case.

Just days after Professor Klinzman’s public declaration of allegiance to Antifa and his threats towards evangelical Christians, he returned to Kirkwood Community College only to find that he had been removed from teaching duties as a result of his dangerous views. President Lori Sundberg confirmed that there was no evidence that he had shared these opinions in class but still felt it necessary to remove him in order for students and faculty members to feel safe.

Furthermore, Sundberg announced plans to increase security presence around campus and develop a special safety plan in response to this incident involving the former professor.

In response to Klinzman’s removal from teaching duties at Kirkwood Community College, nonprofit free speech organization Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE) wrote a letter claiming that his First Amendment rights were violated by being forced out of his position.

They argued that since his comments did not amount to true threats they should be protected under freedom of speech laws however, FIRE failed to provide any real evidence or statistics proving this claim true or false which makes their argument highly suspect.

The recent events surrounding Jeff Klinzman have highlighted the dangers posed by radical individuals such as him who are willing use violence or hate speech against innocent people for their own political gain – something we cannot allow on college campuses nor anywhere else.

While everyone has the constitutional right of free speech regardless of how vulgar or extreme it may be, calls for violence must always remain off limits if we want our educational institutions (and society as whole) safe and inclusive for all its members alike.

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