Outrageous Video of Subway Attack Leads to Teen’s Arrest – You Won’t Believe What Happened Next!

A New York City Teen has been arrested on assault charges after footage of her attacking a Nevada family riding the subway went viral. 

Police are reporting that the 16-year-old, who has been named due to her age, turned herself into the 6th Precinct in Manhattan, close to where the subway station beatdown took place. 

The NYPD told Fox News that the teen girl was charged with two felony counts of assault

Video of the teen beating down 51-year-old Sue Young in front of her husband and 11-year-old twin daughters went viral after the August 3rd attack. In the footage, the teen can be heard hurling racially charged language at the unsuspecting Asian tourists. 

Young who is a retired doctor spoke to the digital arm of the Fox News media network. She said that the subway ride began with her attacker and two other teen girls began pointing and laughing at her family from across the subway train. 

Young tried to play it off by laughing with the teenagers. It was her way to stifle their obvious taunting. Unfortunately, she attempted to mitigate the situation only escalated the harassment to insults and threats, and, eventually, a violent assault.

“The girl in the white T-shirt… she started grabbing my hair. We were grabbing at each other,” Young said. “I buried my face to block at my daughters, saw them pin me to the ground, and that’s why I have all the bruises.”

 According to the New York Post, during the attack, Young’s glasses were knocked off her face and smashed, and her arm was badly bruised after it got caught between two handrails. 

Young was not the only victim of the teenage girl’s rampage the filming bystander soon felt the girl’s wrath as she grabbed her by the hair and punched the woman three times.

“When I started to film, one of the teens decked me in the head,” the bystander said. “I know martial arts, so I knew how to deflect to take the blow, and I called 911.”

Young was thankful to the other subway riders who got up from their seats to form a physical barrier between her family and the vicious teenagers. Police stated that the three teens fled when the train pulled into the Broadway-Lafayette station. 

The NYPD initially said that their hate crimes unit was investigating the assault. However, in recent reports, Young has claimed she does not believe her family was targeted due to their race. 

“These are very young girls,” Young told NBC News

“Somebody or something or some circumstance has made a big impression on them — whether it’s historical pressure, societal pressure, social pressure.”

“It just seems like it’s a more underlying issue that we, as a society and as a community, need to hold everybody accountable, not just law enforcement.”

Young’s husband called the girls “uneducated” in an NBC news clip. He added that he and his wife are “certainly isn’t trying to even the score against Black people.” 

However, he continued, “The girls need to understand that there’s accountability.”

At this time the NYPD did not disclose whether they were searching for the other two girls, only telling the Fox News outlet that police are “still determining whether the other individuals played a part in it” in their “ongoing investigation.”

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