Nursing Home Employees CAUGHT on Camera Abusing Elderly Amputee

Two Texas nursing home employees were caught on camera abusing an 87-year-old amputee man and are now facing criminal charges.

Lisa Jo Cooper who is 61 years old, and Kecia Danielle Johnson who is 57 years old, turned themselves into authorities. this was after they were both charged with injury to an elderly person which is a second-degree felony. Both nursing home workers were released after posing $100,000 bond.

Cornelio Salinas told his family that workers were abusing him. He was a Solidago Health and Rehabilitation resident. Taking his claims seriously but wanting proof the family installed a camera inside his room.

The nursing home called the family on October 2nd to inform them that Salinas had fallen out of bed. Due to his fall, he was taken to the hospital. However, Salinas had injuries not consistent with falling out of bed. At the hospital, he was treated for two black eyes and bruising, and he needed a neck brace.

The family went to the camera and reviewed the footage to see what really happened.

The video showed the family that two nursing home workers dragged Salinas across the floor, kicking him, smacking him, and tossing him into bed. Salinas could not fight back as he suffers from arthritis.

Afterward, the nursing home employees close the curtain that separates the room into two areas. Cooper and Johnson are behind the curtain for 15 to 20 minutes. It was during that time Salinas is seen on video falling to the floor.

Lizandro Solis, who is Salinas’s grandson, told local news KPRC-TV, “You never think it’s going to happen to one of your family members. It’s sad.”

Solis said of the abuse, “That’s no way to treat nobody, especially an elderly person with one leg. What is he going to do to you? How can he hurt you?”

After the family showed the video to the head of the nursing home the two workers were initially suspended and then later fired.

It was only after the video went viral, Solidago Health and Rehabilitation issued a statement: “The health and safety of our residents remain our first priority. Our thoughts are with the resident and the family. Solidago Health and Rehabilitation enforces strict policies prohibiting patient abuse. Prompt action has been taken to ensure our residents are safe. Any violations of the abuse policy are reported to the appropriate agencies and legal authorities and the facility works closely with those agencies.”

The nursing home told Fox News, “In parallel to the external investigation, we launched an internal investigation, and the employees were immediately suspended. At the conclusion of the internal investigation, the employees involved in the incident were terminated as a result of violating the company’s policies.”

“We will continue to review our systems and approaches to identify new opportunities to strengthen existing measures to safeguard the health and safety of our residents,” Solidago Health and Rehabilitation added.

Solidago Health and Rehabilitation was hit with 11 violations during an inspection in July 2021, according to the Texas Health and Human Services Commission,

The inspection found the nursing home had “failed to provide residents with care and services related to activities of daily living” and “failed to attain or maintain the highest practicable, physical, mental, and psychosocial well-being.”


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