NIH Finds Massive Health Issues, Shuts Down Research

Every health related activist in America is scratching their heads over the latest NIH decision. Their National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences has a “National Toxicology Program.” In a stunning announcement, they “quietly” revealed to the public that they will “stop studying the biological or environmental impacts of cell phone radio-frequency radiation.” The move is especially dramatic because “results from the program’s carefully engineered and reviewed decade-long $30 million animal studies” found clear evidence of “cancer, heart damage and DNA damage associated with exposure to cell phone radio-frequency radiation at levels comparable to those experienced by Americans today.” It seems our officials are shelving the research because killing all the humans is the best way to save the planet. That, and the cops need the ability to find you when you commit a crime. You will commit one, sometime, they insist. When you do, they’ll be ready to track you down.

NIH ignoring data

Experts are calling what the NIH did a “shocking reversal.” They spent a fortune to see if cell phones actually caused health problems. When the data resoundingly pointed to “yes,” they instantly pulled the plug on more experiments. The first rule of politics is never ask a question you don’t want to hear the answer to. They might uncover even worse ailments.

That’s a huge problem because cell phones are the best way police have to track every individual, everywhere they go.

NIH may be abandoning the research but the Department of Defense continues to study the same things, in higher secrecy. Meanwhile, the Hill notes, “the sudden end of civilian government efforts to study potential health impacts of wireless radiation constitutes a glaring abdication of responsibility.

Don’t forget, these are the same folks who paid for COVID’s designer genes.

Over in Europe, they’re still “providing multi-million dollar grants for multidisciplinary studies.” For instance, “the French government regularly monitors towers and phones and has recalled millions of phones for excessive radiation or other concerns.” they take the “public concerns about both psychological and physiological impacts” seriously.

The NIH did until the reports came back showing there really are impacts. As long as the studies showed phones are harmless they would have kept pumping millions into the program. Finding problems was a huge inconvenience.


Follow up studies promised

Just last year, The Hill reports, the NTP branch of NIH “declared on its 2023 fact sheet that it would perform follow-up studies to better understand the effects found in the long term animal studies.” If you wonder what happened, so does The Hill.

At this juncture, it is unclear. Have the follow-up studies been completed already? Working with Swiss national engineering and U.S. government experts, the NTP had devised small-scale systems for exposing animals experimentally to controlled levels of wireless radiation. Yet results from these exposure systems have neither been publicly shared nor published.” If they were, people would be throwing their tracking device in the trash.

The only reason NIH gives for slashing the entire program is a flimsy one. The “NTP now states that no more research on wireless radiation is planned due to costs of the studies and technical challenges.” Nobody is buying it. “One must ask what is driving this flipflop. What has led to this sudden change in priorities, so that such an exponentially growing environmental exposure no longer merits study?” The Deep State doesn’t want you to know how dangerous your cool and trendy raprod really is.

Not only that, they need those cell towers to move the chemtrails around as part of the geoengineering program. Aluminum nanoparticles aren’t magnetic but can be given an ion charge. That lets them be moved around by pulses of EMF radiation in certain frequencies. That’s why, when you look up at the sky, it’s either a “tic tac toe” board or looks like sand on the head of a drum. That’s called a “standing wave pattern.” The NTP doesn’t want you to know that.

The only explanation NIH was able to come up with is a pretty lame one. It “raises more questions than it answers.” For instance, “infertility clinics ask men what their habits are with respect to cell phones and other wireless devices. They tell them to take these phones off their bodies and out of their pockets because there is evidence of a correlation in rodents between wireless radiation exposure and low sperm count, poorer sperm quality, decreased testosterone and damage to the testes.

Besides that, the NIH doesn’t want to confirm the studies which “linked carrying a cell phone in one’s bra to increased risk of breast cancer.” Whether you like it or not, you’re a Guinea pig. “Whether the government stops doing the research or not, we are all a part of a massive research study. Billions of people worldwide are being exposed to ever-increasing levels of wireless radiation.

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