Murkowski Suffers MAJOR Setback In Primary Challenge

Murkowski Suffers MAJOR Setback In Primary Challenge

Alaska’s RINO Senator Lisa Murkowski has just suffered a major setback in her primary race to retain her seat, as her GOP challenger, the Trump-supported Alaska commissioner of administration has just received another key endorsement.

Kelly Tshibaka, who already has a lead against Murkowski in the polls, has just received the endorsement of Maggie’s List, a Federal Political Action Committee that was created to raise awareness and funds to increase the number of conservative women elected to federal public office.

Murkowski does have the support of the National Republican Senatorial Committee, which is the reelection arm of the Senate GOP, and the Mitch McConnell-controlled Senate Leadership Fund, which is the top super-PAC that backs Senate Republicans. But, at this point in time, those are almost a detriment to a GOP candidate. GOP voters are tired of the establishment, and are starting to look outside of the RINO leadership. Anyone endorsed by the likes of Mitch McConnell and the National Republicans is probably just another do-nothing Republican that’s going to act as a speed bump for the Democrats rather than actually pushing forward policies that the American people want.

So, a relative outsider like Tshibaka might actually have a chance. And, an endorsement from Maggie’s List could increase those odds.

“Conservative candidates have an important mission in the 2022 elections – to regain control of both houses of Congress and we at Maggie’s List believe that our endorsed candidates present the best opportunity to win their respective elections in November,” said Jennifer Carroll, Maggie’s List national spokesperson and former Florida lieutenant governor.

Responding to their endorsement, Tshibaka stated: “I am extremely proud to be endorsed by Maggie’s List. The first time the group has endorsed a challenger to a female Republican incumbent. It’s time to show the next generation of strong, conservative women that they too can achieve leadership roles.”

“I am grateful for the endorsement of Maggie’s List because it shows that a new generation of strong, conservative women are taking leading roles in rescuing people from the excesses of a runaway and overreaching federal government,” she continued.

“My parents fought their way out of homelessness, into the working class, and to send their little girl to college. As a U.S. Senator, I will fight so all Alaskans can have the same opportunities that my parents and I had — to work good paying jobs, put a roof over their heads, and pursue the ‘American Dream’ once again,” Tshibaka added.

Here is Maggie’s List’s statement endorsing Tshibaka:

“Tshibaka is one of three Republicans challenging the senior senator, who has served the state in the seat since being appointed in 2002, in the 2022 election.

The New York Times reported in November that former President Donald Trump was endorsing Tshibaka after Murkowski voted to convict him at his second impeachment trial, and for voting for President Joe Biden’s appointee, Deb Haaland, as secretary of the interior.

‘Lisa Murkowski is bad for Alaska,’ the Times quoted Trump as saying in November. ‘Murkowski has got to go!’

While Murkowski has the endorsement of the National Republican Senatorial Committee, she was censured by Alaska’s Republican Party for her vote to convict Trump in the Senate, saying it ”did not want her identifying as a Republican” in the 2022 contest, the Times report said.

Murkowski was one of seven GOP senators that voted against Trump and told Politico in February that she could not ‘devalue’ that vote based on her political ambitions or fallout.

‘If I can’t say what I believe that our president should stand for, then why should I ask Alaskans to stand with me?’ Murkowski told Politico. ‘This was consequential on many levels, but I cannot allow the significance of my vote, to be devalued by whether or not I feel that this is helpful for my political ambitions.’”

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