Mayorkas Denial Raises Major Red Flags

DHS hasn’t identified “400 people with potential ISIS ties.” That reporting is “incorrect,” Homeland Insecurity Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas insists. He’s offended about accusations from NBC News that he allowed parole for “400 migrants linked to an ISIS-affiliated group.” As he explained to the press in Tucson, Arizona, on Wednesday, they simply used the terrorist group as their travel agent.

Not affiliated with ISIS

On Wednesday, June 26, Alejandro Mayorkas denied the story NBC published about a whole herd of migrants with ties to ISIS.

Officials in his department told the network that DHS “labeled more than 400 Central Asian and other migrants” who arrived within the past three years as “subjects of concern.

Mayorkas further denies that they were on that list “due to being taken in via a human smuggling network connected to ISIS.” If they were, “they would be priorities for detention and removal,” he assures.

Since they don’t want to deport anyone, it sounds like they didn’t officially document the connection. Nobody want’s to talk about those three guys who don’t look Hispanic picked up in New Mexico wearing ghillie suits, either.

The way NBC reported it, Officials in the department leaked “that more than 150 of the 400 have been arrested, but that 50 are not yet located.” Both DHS as an agency and Mayorkas as it’s leader are “facing heat from Republicans and even some in his own party on the issue of border security.

He’s been impeached over it already. This isn’t the first time he’s been accused of letting ISIS terrorists sneak through. The articles of impeachment spell out that he’s accused of not going ahead with “action to fulfill his statutory duty to control the border.

Nobody can believe a single word that comes from the mouth of Alejandro Mayorkas.

Nobody believes Mayorkas

At this point, nobody can believe a single word that comes from the mouth of Alejandro Mayorkas. What NBC reported matches up with things which have already been made public and verified. It’s obvious to everyone that “the purpose of the network was to smuggle people, not bring in terrorists.

Even so, one of the officials told NBC “it has ties to the same network that brought a group of Uzbek nationals last summer across the southern border by a facilitator who had ties to ISIS.

Recently, U.S. officials “have grown increasingly concerned about migrants from Central Asian nations such as Tajikistan and Uzbekistan.

That scare started when eight Tajik nationals were caught “after officials discovered that they had some specific and troubling connections to the terror group.” Not only were they part of ISIS, they had plans to blow something up.

That particular branch of ISIS, ISIS-K, is special. They’re “mainly made up of Tajik nationals.” That’s a big deal because “Tajik nationals have carried out a series of recent attacks in Europe on behalf of the group.

For instance, “the Crocus Hall attack in Moscow in March that killed more than 100 people.” Christopher Wray has been dropping hints and sketchy warnings since last summer. Now we know why.

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