Massive Explosion at Oil Well Site, Multiple Workers Injured

On Tuesday morning, a massive fire broke out at an oil well pad located near the edge of New Town, North Dakota. The incident occurred within half a mile of residential buildings in the northwestern community and resulted in injuries to several workers.

Fortunately, emergency personnel acted quickly and were able to control the blaze and secure the area before it spread further. We will discuss what happened during this shocking event as well as what is being done now to determine its cause and prevent future incidents from occurring.

At the time of the explosion, four individuals were present on the well pad. Two workers had to be transported by ambulance for medical care while another required helicopter transportation.

Only one person sustained minor injuries and left without needing any medical attention. As a precautionary measure, parts of state Highway 23 near the site were temporarily shut down to ensure public safety.

The oil well pad was operated by Devon Energy, an Oklahoma City-based company who released a statement expressing their priority is “the safety of their employees, contractors, and environment.” They also expressed gratitude for the swift response from New Town Fire Department in controlling the fire and securing the area.

Bill Suess from North Dakota’s Department of Environmental Quality reported that they have not yet completed a review on how much environmental damage may have been caused by fluids escaping from tank during this incident but it is believed that there was minimal damage done due to this spillage.

Currently authorities are conducting an investigation into what caused such an immense explosion at this oil well site with no clear details as to why this happened just yet being released pending completion of said investigation.

Despite Devon Energy’s statement claiming their priority is safety for all involved, many people are still concerned about how safe these type of sites really are especially when situated so close to residential areas.

It remains unclear whether or not any new safety measures will be put into place after results from the investigation come back but hopefully something can be done soon so that similar disasters can be avoided going forward.

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