Local Residents Now Facing a New DANGEROUS Threat

California has some of the strictest gun laws in the United States, and some homeowners could discover soon, that it is those laws combined with other failures of the Newsom administration that are the most dangerous threat to them. In fact, the lack of defensive arms in one California town, in particular, could very well get somebody killed. Following the devastating wildfires that ravaged California throughout the summer of 2021 so far homeowners in the town of South Tahoe Lake were told that they could finally return home after the most recent Caldor Fire, but there’s a catch the area is now at high risk… from bears. Yup, bears driven from their forest homes by the fires that ravaged the state due to the Newsom administration’s incompetence and poor forest management.

According to The New York Post, in nearby King’s Beach north of Lake Tahoe, a family of black bears descended on one home and it was “torn apart” by the Mama bear and three cubs, fortunately, the owners weren’t home. “The delicate balance between humans and bears has been upset,” Sgt Simon Brown of the El Dorado County Sheriff’s Office told reporters, per the Associated Press.

Nature World News reported,

“The bears have been strewing trash and, in some cases, breaking into residences without permission. Chief Dave Stevenson of the South Lake Tahoe Police Agency informed local television station KCRA that the department has received complaints of 17 break-ins this week, 15 of which turned out to be bear-related.”

Bear expert Toogee Sielsch told KCRA, “When you go home, and it appears that a window or door has been opened and that something has gained entry to your house, don’t hurry in and especially don’t block that spot,” Sielsch continued. “It may be a wild animal that has gotten into your house since it’s the only way they’ll know to get out of your house.”

Sgt. Brown stressed to the public that law enforcement can’t “arrest” the bears as it’s “not a crime” for them to break into homes although police would try to “lure them away from homes”. So if you stumble onto a bear ripping your home apart what can you do? Abandon your home and earthly possessions? How do you protect your family? Do you ::gasp:: shoot the bear? Huh, not in California you don’t.

Insane Gun Laws And Insane Hunting Laws Put Make This A DANGEROUS Situation

Seriously though, it’s illegal to kill a black bear in California, the options for these homeowners are: flee or die. As Newsweek reported in June,

“In California, it’s illegal to shoot a black bear because they’re considered a game mammal and require permission to kill.”

While in this lucky vacation renter’s case the El Dorado Sheriff’s investigation yielded no charges, it was purely up to Law Enforcement’s discretion, in California the law is not on your side if you shoot a black bear in self-defense. In 2015 one such case was challenged by a Bear advocate group because the homeowner turned down a permit to legally shoot the bear which according to USAToday “he turned it down due to fear of retribution by animal activists.” And sure enough, the activists came after him because he happened to shoot the bear in the hindquarters (As if it was attempting to flee? This isn’t a police chase!)

Furthermore, with California’s magazine capacity laws, you’ll want to make sure that in the heat of the moment you can put ten rounds into the bear’s ten ring with at least a .44 caliber

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