Leftists Are Losing Their MINDS Over This

Former Leader of the Proud Boys and host of ‘Get Off My Lawn’ Gavin McInnes, and comedian Alex Stein are scheduled to host a comedy event at Penn State on Oct. 24. 

Unsurprisingly, the leftists of Pennsylvania are losing their collective minds over it.

Massive efforts to stir up protests against the right-leaning speakers are already underway. A petition is circulating and a statement of condemnation from Penn State faculty has been published.

It would almost seem that the leftists are concerned about what McInnes and Stein might say to the impressionable Penn State students.

Stein made headlines this summer by calling Democratic Rep. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez of New York a “big booty Latina” on the steps of Congress.

The deplatforming efforts underway at Penn State have presented McInnes as still being in a leadership role over the Proud Boys and attempt to characterize him and the group as “a potential physical threat,” according to The Huffington Post.

“‘Free Speech’ does not mean ‘enabling Gavin McInnes to develop and reinforce right-wing extremist networks while padding his wallet and prestige,’” read a petition to university administrators produced by the “Student Committee for Defense and Solidarity” at Penn State, Huffpo reported.

“We demand that the Penn State administration deny Uncensored America permission to sponsor and platform Gavin McInnes with a speaking engagement,” the leftists wrote.

The university maligned McInnes’s “vitriolic and hateful language” in a statement they issued Tuesday.

Posters and flyers headlined, “Fascists Off Campus!” are being distributed on campus and on social media. “Stand up, fight back!” read one flier posted to Instagram by the so-called ‘Student Committee for Defense and Solidarity’.

The group is calling for the “shutdown” of the event. In other words: violent disruption designed to force law enforcement to close the venue.

“Actively challenge PSU admin’s support of McInnes — other, passive university events, which don’t shut down McInnes, are smokescreens that enable neo-fascism,” the flier read.

Student Affairs Vice President Damon Sims told the Huffington Post that Penn State administrators were “weighing student safety against constitutionally protected speech.”

He added that the school would “respond appropriately as circumstances require.”

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