KJP Full-Blown Meltdown Caught on Camera

Tensions between the White House and Fox News correspondent Peter Doocy hit a boiling point during an especially heated press briefing recently. The Biden administration is taking it from all angles over the growing migrant crisis, as the surge in illegal border crossings is at an all-time high. The exchange between Karine Jean-Pierre and Peter Doocy resulted in a full-blown screaming match, highlighting the contentious relationship between the two rivals.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) data cited by NBC News shows that border officials encountered nearly 10,000 migrants in one day.

This impressive number surpasses what was seen during the summer months and is lower than what was recorded in May when 10,000 encounters occurred within 24 hours.

The recent increase in illegal crossings has been consistent throughout September following a period of relative calmness over the summer that was attributed to effective border policies implemented by the Biden administration.

The issue surrounding immigration reform continues to be an ongoing problem for this current presidential administration as well as Republican lawmakers who are against any form of amnesty or even loosening existing restrictions posed by previous administrations.

Republicans continue to stand firm behind their beliefs which do not include any lenience towards those crossing our borders illegally.

The GOP believes that if something isn’t done soon then we may see more incidents like this one where tensions rise sharply over questions which should be easily answered by any government official responsible for handling immigration policy matters.

With no end in sight, it appears this debate will likely remain unresolved for some time to come without some sort of compromise from both sides.

As expected, many people took to Twitter to react to the exchange:


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