Joe Biden Gets Fact Checked ‘Mostly FALSE’

His Wisdom Joe Biden just got nailed by PolitiFact and “got off easy” as HotAir pointed out. The thought police assigned a “mostly false” rating to Biden’s “gun show loophole” claim. The really stunning thing is that they threw the Imperial Leader under the bus after giving CBS and 60 Minutes a free pass. It seems that “only the media can truly get away with creating false narratives.”

Biden Claim ‘Mostly False’

It’s more than mostly false. Virtually everything Biden said in his speech introducing David Chipman as the ATF nominee was wrong. Especially the whopper he told about the “gun show loophole,” because that particular piece of propaganda centers around a back door that never existed in the first place. Liberals have been spewing that nonsense for a long time but it’s a flat-out lie.

Now the fuzzy logic forms the basis of sneaky pending legislation packed full of hidden provisions to stop private gun transfers. As his Wisdom announced, these bills “require background checks for anyone purchasing a gun at a gun show or an online sale.”


“Most people don’t know it, you walk into a store and you buy a gun, you have a background check. But you go to a gun show, you can buy whatever you want, and no background check,” Biden fibs. “Liar!” Conservative Americans scream at the TV. “You’re just a damn liar!”

The whole reason why “most people don’t know it” is because it’s false. The only thing that matters on background checks for gun purchases is “who sells the guns, not where the guns are sold.”


The way it works now, any federally licensed seller who is a vendor at a gun show must run a background check as if they were back at their store. When PolitiFact called them out for it, the Imperial Palace went spastic.

Well, “some sales without background checks take place at gun shows,” they clarified. Even PolitiFact wasn’t buying it. “That’s not what he said,” they shot back. “Biden claimed that all sales at gun shows avoid background checks.” Another false part of the claim is that private parties don’t need gun shows.

An idiot, a liar or both

PolitiFact sidesteps trying to decide if Joe Biden is an idiot, a liar or both, by suggesting the real issue is “how many” gun show sales are between private citizens.

A substantial share, maybe the majority, of gun show vendors are federally licensed but it is possible to go to a gun show and buy a firearm from a seller who isn’t, and skipping the background check. Even PolitiFact can see the false smoke and mirrors mis-direction.

The issue isn’t the gun show. Anyone can buy a weapon from a private citizen anywhere without a background check at any time. No gun show needed. Anyone can become an arms dealer from the comfort of their own living room.


Meanwhile federally licensed commercial sellers require the paperwork “on every sale, whether it takes place at a gun show, a shooting range, a sidewalk sale, or even in your own living room.” Biden’s claim is as false as it can get.

What Imperial Leader Biden wants to do is eliminate “private sales.” All of them, not just at gun shows. If he gets his way, private sales and transfers will have to comply with background-check requirements. He’s afraid to come out and say it though, “because then it would highlight just how intrusive this kind of change would be.”

He would rather tell false lies. Under his scheme, “even loaning a pistol to a friend would require both parties to use a federally licensed dealer to handle the transaction and paying them for the costs.” Then doing it again to give the weapon back.

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