Investigation Reveals SHOCKING Transactions Between U.S. and China

U.S. Technology isn’t just being stolen for the benefit of the Chinese Government, the United States Government is actually selling it to them! Research groups for China’s hypersonics and missile program have been buying specialized American technology produced by firms funded by the Pentagon.

This is according to a Washington Post investigation.

The Post found over 300 sales of US technology since 2019. The products include advanced software products from nearly 50 U.S. firms to research groups involved in China’s missile development program. Many of the firms that developed these products received millions of dollars in grants from the Department of Defense.

“It’s very disturbing because the bottom line is that technology that can be used for military hypersonics was funded by U.S. taxpayers, through the U.S. government, and ended up in China,” said University of Colorado Center for National Security Initiatives director Iain Boyd.

Boyd conducts experimental research on hypersonics.

The report has revealed how the U.S. government has struggled to keep American military innovations out of the hands of the Chinese Communist Party. The recent selling of commercial software, which is the result of decades of research, will save the Chinese military time and resources. This is as it strives to outpace the United States in a race to create the most effective hypersonic weapons.

“In this case the American technology is superior—we can’t do certain things without foreign technology,” a Chinese scientist told the Post. “There isn’t the same technical foundation.”

The Defense Department has strict export regulations that are designed to prevent products that threaten national security from reaching China.

“U.S. export controls require a license for the export of any type of software, hardware, or technology to China if there is the knowledge that it would be used to develop a missile or other item used for weapons of mass destruction,” said Kevin Wolf, a former senior official at the Commerce Department’s Bureau of Industry and Security. “And that license would generally be denied.”

American firms are getting around these safeguards by selling advanced software to private Chinese firms. However, it wouldn’t be hard to learn if these firms were connected with the Chinese government because most openly advertise their relationships with Chinese weapons and military groups.



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