Ilhan Omar

Ilhan Omar SCAM Has Been Revealed…

I believe we may have Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) over a barrel.

Omar was spending a small fortune on political consulting when she was feeding her husband’s company.

Now that he has been removed from the picture, her consulting fees have gone down considerably.


When Omar was using Tim Mynett’s company, E Street Group, he raked in millions from her campaign coffers.

When it was revealed that the two were dating, everyone got their ears up.

Eventually, Omar agreed to stop using E Street due to appearances.

However, now, her expenditures for this work have dropped by about $2 million.

That is about a 67 percent drop since she stopped using E Street.

There are also some other fishy numbers that show that E Street seems to have been charging an exceedingly high rate.

Or, more likely, Omar told him to juice the bills so she could make him rich before they got married.

Omar, of course, has not responded to inquiries about the massive drop in spending.

Source: Fox News

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