Joe Biden Caught Not Masking Up, But Expects the Media to Cover For Him

Guess who is living by his own rules again?

Yes, that would be Joe Biden.

After Jill tested positive this week, Joe went into protocols where he is supposed to wear a mask around other people.

Not only did he get caught, but he still did not mask up, then asked the media to cover for him.

Put It On

Listen, if you are going to set protocol rules, you have to follow them, right?

Yet, this is Joe Biden walking into the briefing room while he is supposed to be under the mask protocol for being around someone that tested positive…

So, if they are not going to take this seriously, how in the world can they expect anyone else to take it seriously.

Also, if you noticed, Joe’s little joke about it did not sit well with the press.

After he delivered what I am assuming was supposed to be a joke, most of the room was silent.

Now, keep in mind, people lost their jobs over these protocols, yet there is Joe just cracking jokes about the policies his administration put in place.

Source: USA Today

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