HUGE: Georgia Republican Leaders Caught in Connection

Democrats masquerading as Republicans isn’t a new move, but in Georgia based upon reports from The Gateway Pundit and The Georgia Record, under Governor Brian Kemp, it has been elevated to an art-form. Not only has it been revealed that Landmark Communications of Atlanta, GA,  ostensibly the ‘go to’ political consultancy firm for Republican Candidates, actually specialized in dressing up progressive Democrats as “moderate Republicans”, no that wasn’t bad enough… It has been revealed that the group has extensive links to the movers and shakers in the Chinese Communist Party. Do the 2020 Election results in Georgia make a bit more sense now?

Note: This article has been updated to include a rebuttal by Mr. Mark Rountree.

Let’s Talk About Landmark Communications

Landmark Communications, Inc. was founded in 1991 by President, Mark Rountree. He became such a sensation that according to Landmark’s own website,

“Campaigns & Elections Magazine has recognized Mark as one of Georgia’s five “Top Influencers” as well as “the go-to man for GOP legislative candidates.”

Apparently, this has made Rountree something of a local media darling as well, they note “Mark often serves as an on-air election analyst, having done so for Atlanta’s CBS affiliate WGCL as well as WSB-TV Channel 2.”

The Georgia Record however tells a much different story,

“Unfortunately, Landmark has a history of helping Democrats get elected running as Republicans. This phenomenon may have contributed to the absolute cesspool of corruption in the Peach State when it comes to the performance of Republican officials during the 2020 election cycle. Some of these candidates have ties to the Chinese Communist Party.

We believe there has been a concerted effort among Democrat operatives to do just that – infiltrate the GOP and run ‘progressives’ as Republicans, who are lying about their beliefs and views on the issues. All of the information below is from publicly available information.”

Landmark’s Georgia Lefties- The Candidates and Volunteers

Let’s talk about some of these “Republicans”. The Georgia Record‘s report is extensive, so we’ll stick to the most important parts.

Nazeera Dawood

“Nazeera Dawood ran for the Johns Creek, GA (JC) city council in 2015. Johns Creek is a bedroom community of North Atlanta, now heavily populated by Asians.”

  • Nazeera is an Indian immigrant and Landmark represented her during the JC election cycle in 2015.
  • Nazeera advertised herself as a fiscal Republican, tough on taxes, a woman with ‘Republican family values’.

Those ‘family values’ though?

Yes, that’s a “Tacos, Beers, Abortions” event, and yes Dawood was one of the founders of that group… yikes.

She was also outed by her husband… who told the voters,

“Nazeera entered politics based on lies. In the sense, She was pushed into it by some Democrats in South Fulton. And then she had “evolved” now she says she’s become a Republican, a conservative Republican. But the thing is she’s really not what she says. She’s not a fiscal conservative, she’s not a moral conservative, she’s not a leader, she’s none of that.”

Brad Raffensperger, Georgia Secretary of State

If there is a single person other than Gov. Brian Kemp more directly responsible for delivering Georgia to the Biden-Harris Regime then we can’t find them. As reported by The GOP Times, Raffensperger is already being referred to the Secret Service for investigation under the espionage act. The Georgia State Republican Party is also calling for an investigation into him and his accomplices.

According to reporting by the Georgia Star News, Raffensperger “has taken no action in 156 of Georgia’s 159 counties to secure copies of any absentee ballot dropbox transfer forms and review them for accuracy and consistency with reported absentee ballot vote counts.” And guess what, he’s a Landmark client and according to David Belle Isle, around 20% of Raffensperger’s donations came from out-of-state Democrats. Nice.

Jay Lin

You really have to give credit to The Georgia Record‘s reporting team on this one,
“Brad Raffensperger is on record saying he had to support Jay Lin because he owed the Chinese community for his previous election and fundraising. The man below next to Brad Raffensperger is Yale Xiao. Yale was Jay Lin’s campaign manger. On Chinese social sites his nickname is ‘Old Money’.”
“Yale’s son was as student at Harvard University. He is shown below in an article he wrote where he declares that if his Mom had stayed in China, she could have been quite high up in the central government. That would be the Chinese Communist Party. See the first sentence in the article from The Harvard Independent.”

Not only are Progressive Democrats infiltrating the Georgia GOP, but Progressive Democrats with CCP backing. Raffensperger has explaining to do.


Update: Mr. Mark Rountree, President of Landmark Communications responded to our story and requested that we include a statement, giving him an opportunity for rebuttal of the sources we cited from The Georgia Record and The Gateway Pundit. In the interest of fairness, the author agreed.

It should be noted, the statement doesn’t address the controversies surrounding Nazeera Dawood, nor does it refute the  quote from Jay’s Harvard paper (under name Willy Xiao) where he wrote You know Willy, if your mom had stayed in China, she probably could’ve been quite high up in Central Government.”  Which does suggest a familial connection to the party elite in Beijing.

The statement from Mr. Rountree reads:

“The author of the article originally didn’t have all the info as we had not spoken prior. The statements made in the original article are untrue. 
1. We at Landmark Communications are a Republican political consulting firm with engagement in more than 2,000 elections in Georgia over a 30+ year time period. 
Out of more than 2,000 elections, ZERO have been for Democrats running against Republicans in partisan elections. Zero. 
2. We at Landmark are actually *LEADING* the effort to get SOS Raffensperger and staff *out of office. 
You can find considerable commentary on my, and others’, Facebook page regarding this point. This has been widely published in many other media locations, as well.  
I ran SOS Brad Raffensperger’s campaign in 2018. I know those people very well. I *fired* him as a client when it became clear to me that he would not listen or DO anything to fix the problems that THEY themselves created. Contrary to the false narrative that we are helping him, we are literally *leading* efforts to get him out of office. 
3. My company, Landmark, has been in business for more than 30 years and done more than 2000 different elections. I’ve had more than 100 full-time employees and probably 500 part-timers. Once any of these people cease to work here, I can’t control what they say or do. 
4. We are very involved in helping provide information regarding illegal votes cast in the 2020 General Election. There were tens of thousands of illegal votes cast in this state, and we are supplying evidence of this to media and analysts substantiating this point. 
5. It is totally untrue that we are supporting a “Blm candidate” for mayor of John’s Creek. In fact, I am voting for his opponent. 
6. The column falsely attacked Jay Lin as a secret Chinese communist. This claim is laughably idiotic.  Anyone who knows him personally understands this. His favorite leader is Ronald Reagan. 
Jay grew up in Taiwan when it was a dictatorship. The nation of Taiwan has frequently faced potential war and aggression from the communists in China.
Jay moved to the USA in the 1980s and is a regular speaker on the topic of the American Dream. He is a pro-life conservative Republican and a genuine follower of Jesus, and openly says so to people. 
HERE is an updated story with an interview of myself and the author of the original story. We still have never met. 
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