How This Mother Had 21 Children in ONE Year…

Even with just one child many mothers would agree that they have their hands full…however, imagine how much worst things could possibly be if you had another 20 children?

This is the current life of Kristina Ozturk, a 23-year-old Russian woman, and her 57-year-old billionaire husband Galip.

The couple has 20 children together through means of surrogacy; the other two children are Ozturk’s child she naturally gave birth to in a previous relationship and one of her husband’s nine children. And yes, they are all together under one roof.

Apparently the pair have paid over $195,500 to surrogates between March and July last year. The couple lives together in Batumi, Georgia where surrogacy costs around 8,000 euros or $8,068.

Thankfully, they have the help of 16 live-in nannies who help with taking care of the children around the clock, with each individual having their own kitchen and bedroom nearby the children.

Kristina describes herself as a hands-on mother, admitting that she will always spend time with the kids while carrying out motherly duties.

“The only difference is the amount of kids. Each day is different, from planning staff schedules to shopping for my family.”

“I can tell you one thing – my days are never boring.”

Kristina also shared that the nannies are paid £350 ($644) per week, with the weekly cost of necessities for all the children being between £3,500 and £4,200 ($6,500 and $7700). “Occasionally a little more, occasionally a little less.”

Kristina isn’t shy about sharing the details of her day-to-day activities on Instagram.

In fact, during a recent Q&A the young mother told viewers about each of her children’s’ names, date of birth, pictures, and discussed how daily life looks like for the family.

The couple’s children were born between March 10, 2020, and January 16, 2021.

The children are as follows: Mustafa, 14 months; Mariam, 13 months; Ayrin, 13 months; Alisa, 13 months; Hasan, one; Judi, one; Harper, 11 months; Teresa, 11 months; Huseyin, 11 months; Anna, 10 months; Isabella, 10 months; Ismail, nine months; Mehmet, nine months; Ahmet, nine months; Ali, eight months; Kristina, eight months; Sara, seven months; Lokman, seven months; Galip, six months; and Olivia, four months as well as Victoria.

Within the family’s residence, 2-3 infants share one room, with plans to have the kids separate in individual rooms as they get older.

“For now we have three floors at home. In the future, maybe we will build more floors, maybe we will buy a bigger house,” she said. “We don’t have an exact plan, because right now we have enough space for everybody.”

Surprisingly enough, Kristina has not ruled out the idea of having more children. In fact, she had previously told one Russian publication that she wanted “105 kids” which she has clarified it as a joke.

“It does not mean that we are planning to have 105 children,” she wrote in an Instagram post.

Kristina has insisted it was “their decision” to have such a large family, despite criticism from people.

“Don’t use surrogacy if you don’t want, that’s your choice,” she said. “But this is our life, and it’s our choice.”

Sources: Awm, Dailymail, The-sun


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