GOP Turncoat Goes on Full Display

The latest GOP turncoat has released a lengthy video statement on twitter which is being lovingly lapped up by the leftist echo chamber as he hurls blame at President Trump and exits the Republican party.

Arkansas State Senator Jim Hendren now turncoat “Independent” issued the following statement on social media maligning Republicans in general and President Trump in particular while simultaneously claiming to be “still a conservative” and complimenting Democrats and emphasizing his willingness to work with them.

Hendren repeated multiple debunked Democrat lies about the President, most of them manufactured by the Mainstream media.

Manifesto of a GOP Turncoat

Hendren said,

“Over the course of the 2016 campaign season alone I heard people demonized as ‘rapists and murderers’. I watched the encouragement of the worst voices of racism, nationalism (We’re demonizing nationalism now?) and violence and I watched my service and the service of my fellow soldiers dishonored with the ridicule of a gold star family whose son had served with distinction (Khan dishonorably leveraged their gold-star status to malign Trump at the DNC first confirmed by The Hill).
I also heard a hero of mine John McCain called ‘a loser’ on national television (amidst a 20 year long on again off again public feud, it’s just not that simple. USA Today confirms.)
I watched the former President actively fan the flame of racist rhetoric make fun of those with disabilities (oft repeated but soundly debunked by Ann Coulter & The Daily Mail, it was a gesture he used many times before.),
bully his enemies and talk about women in ways that would never be tolerated in my home or business.
As he did this from the highest office in the land (The “Grab them by the P*ssy” comment was in 2005 long before Trump was President, in a off-record, bragging, private conversation that was recorded without his knowledge) I realized that my daughters and my granddaughters were hearing it too (Thanks to the MSM putting it on continual repeat for FIVE YEARS).
And I worried about the example this set for my sons and grandsons and I watched as this behavior went on with nobody holding him to account and our party leaders too often taking a back seat rather than leading. (A sitting President IS the de facto “party leader”)
And then for months I watched as members of my own party and our former President tried to overturn the results of a fair and free election (Ignoring the massive irregularities, constitutional violations and serious allegations of electoral fraud). The very hallmark of our democracy with lies with false statements, conspiracy theories and attempts to subvert the constitution (Motions to reject irregular or suspicious Electoral College Votes are NOT a subversion of the Constitution, they are well established as Constitutional law).
This led to the violent events of January 6th (Demonstrably false, the perceived fraud of the election and denial of legal recourse led to the violence of Jan. 6th) when we all watched violence in the halls of our nation’s capital and couldn’t believe our eyes. We couldn’t believe what we were seeing was our own country but it was for me, that day was the final straw.”

What Really Led To The Events of January 6th?

Let’s drill down into the final point turncoat Hendren made, now that we’ve debunked everything else. There are several opportunities that were rejected which would likely have reduced tensions leading to the January 6th Capitol Breach.  1962, John F. Kennedy famously said, “Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.” The Democratic party was so desperate, so hell-bent to defeat President Trump that they blasted past all of the warning signs that THEY were inciting a violent reaction from Trump’s supporters. No wonder turncoats like Hendren are jumping ship, the GOP is getting wise to the RINOs.

The Democratic Party Systematically Incited the Violence

The Democrats incited this outcome which works massively to their advantage by demonizing Trump supporters by systematically denying and and all legal recourse or investigation into an election that even TODAY 78% of Trump voters agree was “stolen.”
  • 59 of 60 Legal challenges to the election were either summarily dismissed with words many supporters deemed insulting like “did not prove,” and “record does not support,” and “implausible conclusions,” and “lack of evidence” despite there being no public hearings or proceedings in most cases, merely a judge reading a filing and ruling on it. “Indeed, many of the Trump losses were on procedural questions.” According to the Washington Times, who also wrote “That left Trump supporters complaining that judges were hiding behind technicalities in order to avoid dealing with the substance of the president’s case that the election was stolen.”
  • The Supreme Court chose not to hear Texas vs. Georgia, Wisconsin, Michigan & Pennsylvania due to a “lack of standing” despite the clear, common-sense original jurisdiction under the Constitution for “controversies between two or more states”. In many Americans’ eyes, the ultimate defenders of the Constitution, obviously violated it in refusing to hear the case.
  • The States of Arizona, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin refused to conduct comprehensive signature match audits of thoroughly compromised Dominion Voting Systems ballots, in spite of damning reporting of vulnerabilities and serious allegations of fraud.
  • Despite the opinions of multiple respected Constitutional Scholars, Vice President Mike Pence refused to reject electoral college results from states with open irregularities and active electoral controversies.

At any one of these points, the events of January 6th could have and SHOULD HAVE been prevented. None of them may have resulted in President Trump’s re-election, but any single one of them could be pointed to as proof that the voice of the American people was heard and that their concerns were addressed. Instead, half of the country was scorned, belittled, demonized, lied about and continue to be to this day. It didn’t have to be this way.

Admittedly That Was a Bit of a Tangent.. Back to the Turncoat

Honestly, with such thoroughly debunked reasons, if Jim Hendren just didn’t want to be a Republican anymore, he should’ve just said so without insulting half the nation and his voter base and furthermore insulting our intelligence. Another RINO is off to join the DNC, another turncoat won’t be missed.


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