Former CIA Director Calls For Assassination of GOP Senator

Looks like a former CIA director just took things a bit too far. And to think, a person like this held a position of power?

Michael Hayden, former director of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), recently made a shocking call for the assassination of Republican pro-life senator Tommy Tuberville. Hayden posted a threat on Twitter and doubled down the following morning, making it clear that he had no intention to back down from his outrageous statement.

This is not the first time this unhinged leftist has issued death threats against President Trump or MAGA supporters.

In August 2022, General Hayden called for President Trump’s execution in an online post. The month before that, he tweeted out a suggestion that unvaccinated Americans should be “dropped off in Taliban-controlled Afghanistan”.

It appears his latest attack on Senator Tuberville is motivated by the senator’s decision to obstruct military appointments after the United States military began paying for service members to travel to other states for abortions.

In an age when political differences have become increasingly polarized and hostile rhetoric has become commonplace, it is more important than ever to take a step back and reflect upon our actions before they spiral into something even more damaging and destructive. Hayden’s comments are abhorrent; they do not represent who we are as a nation or as individuals who strive to make progress through thoughtful dialogue instead of violence or aggression.

We need leaders who can bring us together rather than those who seek to divide us with incendiary words and actions like these.

It is unacceptable for public figures such as Michael Hayden to get away with making threats against elected officials without any repercussions whatsoever. This kind of childish behavior should be intolerable regardless of political party affiliation or ideology. It’s ridiculous to think this behavior still happens to this day.

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