FBI Agent Lied Under Oath in Judiciary Committee Censorship Probe

FBI agent Elvis Chan lied under oath at a hearing held by the House Judiciary Committee. By self-censoring his censorship testimony, he could be facing prison. Democrats really wish Hunter Biden had gone back to pick up his laptop from repair but he didn’t. Now half of Washington is looking at prison. Once we get rid of Merrick Garland, who seems to really run this country.

FBI agent lied about laptop

Elvis Chan is currently a San Francisco-based FBI special agent. He recently got grilled by Jim Jordan and his crew on the Judiciary Committee about government efforts to suppress reporting on Hunter Biden’s “laptop from hell.

He lied as much as he thought he could get away with. Under oath.

When the reports came out in October of 2020, the FBI agent had a series of conversations with Facebook officials over it.

He lied to Congress when he swore up and down on November 29, 2022 that he had “no internal knowledge of that investigation” into the laptop’s contents. That isn’t what he told the minions of Mark Zuckerberg on October 15, 2020.

On that fateful day, he assured the Facebook mass censorship team he was “up to speed” on the FBI probe into Hunter’s goo covered laptop and “that there was no current evidence to suggest any foreign connection or direction of the leak.

In other words, it wasn’t “Russian disinformation” and he did have “internal knowledge.” There really was a laptop investigation and it really was Hunter’s laptop. Some say the bureau’s acronym really stands for Freaking Bizarre Insanity. The rats have been in charge of guarding the cheese for far too long.

The laptop was real

The laptop was real and the FBI had known it was real for at least a year when the story broke. Chan allegedly “shared the information during a ‘follow up‘ phone call with the employee following a conversation the day before between the FBI’s Foreign Influence Task Force and Facebook officials, during which the bureau declined to comment on whether the laptop was ‘real.

What really happened there was related by Laura Dehmlow, the task force’s section chief. She testified that an agent of the bureau “confirmed the laptop was authentic before another participant jumped in and said ‘no further comment.‘”

Chan denied under oath saying anything to anyone at Facebook. Jim Jordan went spastic. The FBI agent’s testimony was “COMPLETELY FALSE,” he posted on the social media platform formerly known as Twitter.

Chan was the rat who had served as “the main conduit between the FBI’s Foreign Influence Task Force and Big Tech.” Facebook dutifully censored ever mention of the laptop into oblivion.

There is no way for Chan to deny now that he told Facebook to kill the story knowing it was true. “Of course, there was ‘no evidence‘ of ‘any foreign connection.‘ The laptop was real, and the FBI knew it. Is there any wonder why the Biden DOJ has so far stonewalled the Committee’s efforts to interview Agent Chan?

As we learned from an IRS investigator tasked with the case, who testified in May to the House Ways and Means Committee, “the bureau had verified the authenticity of the materials on Hunter’s abandoned laptop nearly a year earlier, in November 2019.

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