Fani Willis

Fani Willis Dealt Another Big Loss… SUSPENDED

Fani Willis cannot catch a break right now, and I am sure Republicans are rejoicing.

Willis had two big cases to try this year, and now both of them are on hold.

Trump is the first one, and the second was the case against rapper Young Thug.

Put It on Hold

In a roundabout way, this case also involves a misstep by Willis

According to reports, defense attorneys were livid when prosecutors had an uncooperative witness.

The presiding judge, Judge Glanville, and Willis’ prosecutors had private meetings to convince the witness to testify.

When defense attorneys objected, one of them wound up being put in jail for contempt.

Now Judge Glanville has finally agreed to have another judge review the case.

The problem for Willis right now is that after 10 months of jury selection and roughly 100 trial days, this case has the brakes being put on it.

Don Samuel, a veteran Atlanta criminal defense attorney, stated, “There’s nothing very attractive about the criminal justice system when viewed through the lens of this trial.”

This is not only a problem for Glanville, but Willis’ prosecutors could find themselves in trouble for taking part in those meetings as well.

So you have this case, Willis’ affair that impacted the Trump case, and the allegation of misusing grant funds in her office to buy computers and other swag for staffers.

I would be shocked if Willis ever manages to get re-elected again.

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