Don’t Get Caught Unaware: AI Could Be Taking Your Data!

In the digital age, the security of our online lives is paramount. With the recent advances in artificial intelligence (AI), however, comes a whole new set of security threats.

A recent study conducted by three cyber experts based in the UK demonstrates how this technology poses a direct threat to our online security. “Acoustic Side Channel Attacks,” the study found that through “acoustic side-channel attacks”—exploiting information inadvertently leaked by a user or system—AI-driven attacks were able to steal passwords with up to 95 percent accuracy.

By training an AI model on audio recordings of what people type, it was able to identify the different sounds made by each key and ultimately gain access to sensitive information such as passwords and PINs. Dr. Maryam Mehrnezhad, one of the authors of the paper and senior lecturer in information security at Royal Holloway University of London said that “side-channel attacks have been around for many years but with more computational power, these attacks can be scaled up and performed in real time by potential bad actors such as hackers.”

So what can we do to keep ourselves safe from these types of threats? Dr. Mehrnezhad suggests being vigilant about your surroundings and video/voice connections when dealing with sensitive information such as PINs and passwords. Additionally, she emphasizes following general security advice such as choosing strong passwords and not opening random links.

The authors also recommend touch typing instead of regular typing which significantly reduces keystroke recognition from 64% down to 40%. Finally, using complex passwords is essential since 30% of internet users have experienced data breaches due to weak ones.

Though AI poses a serious threat to online security today, there are ways we can protect ourselves from malicious actors who seek access to our personal information. It is on us all – industry professionals, academics, and policymakers -to come together to create secure solutions that will help make sure citizens can use modern technologies without any fear or risk posed against them.

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