Watchdog Group Demanding Investigation Into Democrat Senator Warnock

Our old buddy Senator Warnock (D-GA) is back in the news again.

It would appear that Warnock has been doing some rather questionable accounting.

Now a watchdog group is calling him out, demanding an investigation.

Raking It In

Warnock’s financial relationship with his church has been called into question before.

If you recall, right after he was elected to office, there was a question about an $89,000 “parsonage allowance” that was given to him to buy his home.

In his most recent filings, he showed income of $155,000 from the church, well over the allowable $30,000 limit.

Warnock says it was “deferred” income.

FACT Executive Director Kendra Arnold’s filing stated, “The fact that neither Senator Warnock nor his employer reportedly disclosed the ‘deferred compensation’ agreement prior to it being paid in 2022 indicates that it was likely not actually deferred compensation earned before Warnock became a senator.

“Nevertheless, even if the parties entered into a deferred compensation agreement before he was a senator, it should have been disclosed before it was.

“When the facts presented so clearly indicate a violation has occurred, it is incumbent on the Senate Ethics Committee to investigate, inform the public to maintain citizen confidence, and hold the senator responsible for violations should they be found.”

During the last investigation, the Senate Ethics Committee gave Warnock a thumbs up, and I would question if we will see something else this time around.

These ethics committees are a complete and utter joke because they are all in on it.

I will take the bet right now that the committee lets the “deferred” income stand.

Source: Free Beacon

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