Democrat Lawmaker Breaks From Party, States that Hunter Biden…

In a shocking turn of events, a Democratic lawmaker has chosen to break ranks with his party and assert that he believes Hunter Biden is “clearly” guilty of having committed crimes. However, in true Democrat fashion, he had to make sure he took a jab at Republicans and Donald Trump while doing so.

On Saturday, a Democratic lawmaker broke ranks with his party and publicly acknowledged that he believes Hunter Biden is “clearly” guilty of having committed crimes. Representative Jim Himes of Connecticut criticized Republicans and former President Donald Trump in the process.

This admission comes as Special Counsel David Weiss indicted the first son on a gun-related charge. It also follows Chairman Jim Jordan’s timeline for testimony before the Judiciary Committee from Weiss himself which will take place on October 18th.

“Let me say something that you never heard a Republican member of Congress say in the four years of the Trump administration, which is that if Hunter Biden broke the law, he should be prosecuted” said Himes during an interview with MSNBC. He continued to emphasize this statement due to how Republicans had not been saying anything about Donald Trump or his own family despite their own suspicions for over four years now.

Himes then went on to note that no evidence has been found linking Joe Biden to any criminal activity by his son so far, though this claim has been disputed by Republicans who have alleged they have seen FBI documents from “highly credible” sources pointing towards tens of millions of dollars exchanged illegally between both father and son.

During a Council on Foreign Relations event shortly after leaving office, Joe Biden had claimed he was unaware of any business dealings his son may have engaged in while serving on the board at Ukrainian energy corporation Burisma Holdings for five years prior.

Chairman Jordan presented alleged evidence against President Joe Biden when it comes to Burisma Holdings, claiming that Hunter had not qualified to serve on such a board yet still received large payments while doing so, further alleging executives asked him if he could help them out with some pressure they were facing, which alluded to Joe using American tax dollars as leverage while demanding then-Ukrainian prosecutor Viktor Shokin be fired back in 2015.

The Justice Department under Attorney General Merrick Garland is accused by Jordan of trying to sweep this issue under the rug by allowing statutory limitations lapse regarding serious felony tax concerns raised in 2014/15 – presumably related to income earned through Burisma Holdings during those periods too.

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