Democrat Calls Out Corruption Within His Own Party

This shocking news in Mississippi is starting to get more and more attention from the public.

Remember how the left is quick to condemn Republicans for even hinting that there could be fraud going on in elections?

Well, now we actually have a Democrat making the exact same claims.

Hinds County Supervisor David Archie alleged that he had evidence of Jacqueline Amos, chairwoman of the Democratic Executive Committee, tampering with election results, including video footage of her handling ballot boxes and inserting thumb drives and ballots into voting machines.

Cynthia Walker also pointed out that various safeguards designed to ensure the accuracy of election results, such as the use of paper ballots were not utilized during the Aug 8 primaries.

Most shockingly, she said none of the precincts involved in the election had used machine tapes which record total votes cast for each candidate in every race on the ballot.

It’s obvious from these facts alone that there was some kind of rigging taking place during this primary election.

Even if it’s difficult to prove fraud beyond a reasonable doubt due to reasons mentioned above, it doesn’t mean we should give up on making changes or reforms that make sure all elections are conducted fairly and accurately.

It’s time to take action against voter fraud by pushing for more stringent laws like requiring voter ID when casting ballots or even providing additional support and resources for poll workers who may be unfamiliar with how vote counting works so they can do their job better without fear or bias towards any particular party.

Furthermore, securing media sticks after an election is a must so they don’t get lost or mishandled like what happened in Hinds County Circuit Clerk’s Office recently where they were sent back to commission headquarters instead being secured properly as required by law.

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