Democrat Controlled State on Verge of Losing Valuable House Seat as Citizens Flee to Red States

The Democrat controlled state of New York is on the verge of losing a seat in the house because so many of their citizens are fleeing progressive chaos and insanely burdensome taxes. Red states welcome them with open arms.

Citizens vote with their feet

On Tuesday, the Census Bureau released a fresh set of population estimates. The statistics aren’t good news for the bean counters in New York, who are intent on squeezing each and every taxpayer dry to fund progressive social programs, which they value more than a police presence or law and order. Unhappy citizens are heading for the exit in droves.


The new set of numbers light up a neon sign saying that in the yearlong cycle between July 2019 and July 2020, “about 126,355 people fled New York,” according to reports.

That works out to “a decrease of about two-thirds of a percent,” which doesn’t sound like much but the experts call it significant. Citizens have been abandoning New York in droves since 2016.

The most recent exodus was also “significantly greater” than it has been in the past few years and liberals are starting to panic because if this keeps up, they could lose one of their precious seats in the House of Representatives.


The number of citizens is the thing that determines how many congressmen they have.

The real impact on the population

As explained by William Frey with the Brookings Institution, if New York were to lose a seat then Florida would have more power for the first time ever.

Right now New York has 27 representatives but every ten years the government does a fresh count of the citizens.

When the census statistics come back, the seats in the House, which currently number 435, get divided between all 50 states depending on how many citizens they have. Not only are New Yorkers moving away, they’re dying from Covid-19. Across America, at least 322,000 didn’t survive the Kung-Flu.

The entire country isn’t growing but isn’t losing ground either. “overall, the US population grew at the smallest rate in at least 120 years from 2019 to 2020, attributed to the coronavirus pandemic.”

While the experts blame Covid for the decline in the number of citizens, the residents themselves blame bad leadership. Andrew Cuomo is not popular these days. His high tax rate was bad enough but when he locked down New York state like prison camp with “some of the strictest lockdowns in the nation,” everyone started packing.

One high profile resident, Steve McLaughlin spelled it out. blaming Cuomo, his taxes and especially his “insane Progressive policies.” It isn’t surprising that other Democrat run states are losing population too. New York’s 0.65 was followed by “Illinois with a 0.63 percent dip; Hawaii with 0.61 percent and West Virginia with 0.58 percent.”

  1. Hopefully, they’ll realize why New York is so bad to live in and not take their liberal agenda to other states.

  2. The problem is they will move to a red state and continue to vote for democrats that ruined the state they came from.

  3. Andrew Cuomo as pictured appears to be channeling Johnny Carson as Carnac the Magnificent trying to provide the question which just might be Dan Rather’s “Kenneth, what’s the frequency?”

  4. As long as they don’t come to Colorado, I don’t care where they go. We have had too much influx here already

  5. People are upset with Cuomo. We have heard it all before and he still gets reelected. As long as the welfare checks and food stamps keep coming, all Democrats will have job security.

  6. Maybe just maybe the Red states should not be to quick to embrace these leftist from blue states they are moving their feet but what about their ideas and beliefs (liberals) just maybe the red states don’t want these liberal idiots either.

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