Couple Falls 300 FEET Into Canyon

This couple is lucky to be alive after the incident that caused their car to fall 300-feet into a California canyon and land upside down.

Apparently, Cloe Fields and her boyfriend, Christian Zelada had been taking a leisurely drive near their home in Glendale on December 13 when they pulled over in an attempt to allow another car to pass them.

Suddenly, the couple’s car spun out of control and ended up plunging backwards off a cliff along the Angele Forest Highway.

23-year-old Fields explained to People, “All we could see was trees, dirt and smoke, and we were hitting trees. Then we felt the rolling and we were upside down.”

After the 300-foot plunge, their Hyundai Elantra landed on its roof; thankfully the couple was able to escape the battered vehicle.

Field stated that after they left the car, “We looked at each and checked each other, and all we had were some scratches. Then my first initial thought was ‘Where’s my phone?’ ”

Shockingly, Field’s phone had utilized new technology to detect the crash and make an SOS call via satellite to an Apple emergency relay center, despite having no cell service in the canyon.

Within 30 minutes, authorities were able to locate and rescue the pair via a helicopter from the Special Enforcement Bureau (SEB).

While being hoisted up to the helicopter, Fields recalled “I was hyperventilating and crying at the same time. They’re like, ‘You’re okay, you’re alive, you’re fine.’ It was so fast I was like, ‘I can’t believe this happened.’ ”

The couple was taken to a nearby hospital, where they were treated for only minor injuries.

Sgt. John Gilbert reported, “this particular stretch of road, we’ve had vehicles go over and we are dealing with a fatality. For them to go over and survive is nothing short of a miracle.”



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