China CAUGHT…They Just Did It Again

One would think that after China got caught repeatedly sending spy balloons into our airspace that they would stop.

If they were honestly worried about repercussions from Joe Biden, they would stop.

Yet, the Pentagon has confirmed that yet another surveillance balloon flew over US airspace in Hawaii.

Probing Continues

The administration is trying to tell two different narratives on this balloon.

The first is that it may not be from the Chinese.

The second is that it may not be a spy balloon.

Yet, the balloon, at least from the pictures that I saw, looked identical to the other balloons we saw.

Commenting on the reports, a DOD spokesperson stated, “Applying newly-established parameters for monitoring U.S. airspace, the Department of Defense and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) detected and observed April 28th an unmanned, balloon off the coast of Hawaii, floating at approximately 36,000 feet.

“Ownership of the balloon is unknown, but there is no indication that it was maneuvering or being controlled by a foreign or adversarial actor.

“The balloon did not transit directly over defense critical infrastructure or other U.S. Government sensitive sites, nor did it pose a military or physical threat to people on the ground.

“Based on these observations, the Secretary of Defense concurred with the recommendation of his military commanders that no action need be taken against the balloon.

“The balloon is now out of Hawaii’s airspace and territorial waters.”

So, once again, if this was a spy balloon, it has already transmitted the data back to China before it was even detected.

This sounds like a good old-fashioned probing to me, but Joe says there is nothing to worry about, so I guess we can all sleep peacefully tonight.

Source: Daily Wire

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