Breaking: 132,000 Ballots Likely Ineligible… Could Change Entire Situation

As serious voter fraud concerns keep mounting, 130,000 ballots have been called likely ineligible in a battleground state that is still up for grand. The massive amount of votes were most likely counted in a fraudulent manner.

Invalid Ballots Could Change the Game

According to the fake news media, Joe Biden holds the lead in the state of Georgia. But this is only by a small 10,000 ballots.

According to Kyle Becker, thirteen times that number of votes were cast by people who are “highly likely ineligible to vote,” because they “have moved.”


He also discussed the still developing reports, by Peoples’ Pundit, that 132,000 “Change of Address” codes raised official “red flags” in Fulton County, Georgia.

This all points to the possibility that the outcome of the election in Georgia could be in Trump’s favor, not Biden’s. Since Biden only received 10,000 more ballots than Trump, it could easily switch if the ballots were invalidated.

This is a huge game-changer in Georgia and shows just a snippet of the massive voter fraud that has taken over the country.


Every day, more evidence pops up showing that the election was rigged by Democrats and the majority of the mainstream media.

President Trump Fights Against Collusion

It has become known that ballots have been tampered with, illegally filled in, and counted after deadlines.

President Trump has contested ballots in several keystone states such as Arizona and Nevada.

If justice prevails, the ineligible ballots in Georgia will get thrown out and President Donald Trump was being named the rightful winner in the state.

Georgia is currently under investigation for an “illegal ballot harvesting” scheme which could have a big impact on the outcome of the election.

In other states such as Michigan, voter software has been shown to have glitched. These “glitches” all have helped Biden which shows that this is in fact a conspiracy to crown the Democrat the presidential winner when it is Donald Trump who is most likely the true victor.

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