Biden Family Members Physically REMOVED From the White House Following VIOLENT Incident

Two members of the Imperial Biden Family were permanently removed from Palace grounds after an incident involving the physical attack of a security agent. Biden family German shepherds Champ and Major are in the doghouse after Major bit a member of the Secret Service. That’s the same pet Joe tripped over recently to injure his ankle.

Aggressive behavior incident

Forbes and CNN are reporting that both of the Biden family German shepherds, Champ and Major will be exiled to the family home in Delaware after the younger of the two, Major, “displayed aggressive behavior towards staff and bit a member of the White House security team.”CNN has some inside information that says it was a “biting incident.”

The Imperial Leader’s dogs “were moved back to Delaware after a ‘biting incident’ with a security agent whose condition is unknown.”

Some of the staffers couldn’t wait to call the networks. “Sources familiar with the subject” are crawling out of the woodwork. Major has a history as a troublemaker, taking more after Hunter Biden than Champ, who’s much more respectable, like Beau Biden.

Major is still in the frisky prime of his life but he had a troubled childhood. The 3-year-old was adopted from a shelter in 2018.

He doesn’t seem to get along well with the Palace staff and this isn’t the first aggression incident involving him. Major “has reportedly behaved aggressively towards White House staff in the past, including barking, jumping and charging.”

Sent down to Delaware

Unlike Major, Champ is an older dog at 13 and has “slowed down physically due to his advanced age.” Even though he didn’t do anything wrong, he’s being punished for it anyway and sent off to Delaware.

According to one of the leakers, following the most recent incident, the location of both dogs is currently Delaware. “They have been known to stay there with minders when the first lady is traveling.” They’ll be staring at the front door for the next four years.

Just days after Joe Biden was sworn in as Imperial Leader, both Champ and Major were moved into the Palace with a lot of fanfare.

Everyone made a huge deal about the fact that there weren’t any pets running around the White House and getting underfoot while Donald Trump was in office. There wasn’t a single Secret Service incident reported either.

Major is used to being in the headlines, just like Hunter. He made history “for being the first shelter dog to live in the White House.” They decided to give him a chance even though His Wisdom “fractured his foot while playing with his dogs, reportedly slipping on Major.”

That incident happened a while back. Kamala Harris almost got her chance at the big prize but luckily Joe didn’t hit his head on anything when he went down.

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