Biden Admins Open Bribing Scandal Goes Viral

The Imperial Palace Announced Tuesday that they’re bribing Florida school officials to break the law. The Palace Minister of Education is handing the districts “sole and complete discretion” to ignore the governor’s executive order allowing citizens the freedom to make that choice for themselves.

Bribing liberal lawbreakers

It appears that Imperial Leader Joe Biden and his handlers have decided that bribing lawbreakers is a good idea. At least the ones in Florida, who think mandatory masks and vaccine passport papers to show the Gestapo are the right way to go.

They’re furious that pesky Constitution believing Governor Ron DeSantis banned mandatory masks in schools and promised to “withhold the salaries of all school board members and administrators who refused to comply.” You go right ahead and break the law, Biden says. We’ll pay your salary.

On Tuesday, August 17, a spokesunit for the palace confirmed that the federal Treasury will pay off any Florida school that “decides to defy” the mandate. Bribing people to break the law isn’t sitting well with conservatives. There’s an even more disturbing program to bribe criminals to stay clean in in New York City but that’s another story.

A full month ago, DeSantis signed the order banning mask requirements in schools. He followed it up Monday with the notice that the paychecks of those who disobey will be held back. That’s when it hit the fan.

Biden’s Minister of Education, Miguel Cardona, Sent a letter off to DeSantis with a copy to the Florida Education commissioner.

In it he demanded that the “districts need to have “sole and complete discretion” to pay “pay the salaries of the officials that are withheld by the state if they violate the order.” They aren’t bribing anyone though, just providing a safety net if they choose to defy the law.

Protecting health and safety

Adolph Hitler learned early in his career that telling everyone that the repressive authoritarianism is for the good of their health and safety goes over smooth as silk. That’s why Biden’s favorite administrators are “eager to partner with [the Florida Department of Education] on any efforts to further our shared goals of protecting the health and safety of students and educators.”

What they don’t want to talk about is that they are doing it at the expense of freedom and liberty. If school officials are intimidated by breaking laws, Biden says no sweat, here’s a free pass, essentially bribing them to support the liberal cause. Biden even personally called the district leaders to tell them to go ahead and ignore the law.

DeSantis and the conservatives in Florida aren’t telling anyone that they shouldn’t wear a mask or to refuse the vaccine. What they are saying is that it’s up to you to make the choice to mask or not, hoping you will because it helps your family, friends, and neighbors. Most will comply on their own and the few who don’t will not make that big of a difference.

As far as vaccines, it’s insanity to require everyone to inject something into their body which only has had limited safety testing. Some people are allergic to vaccines in general or have other valid reasons for not getting the shot. On top of that, there’s no real evidence that the vaccine is preventing the spread of anything. The Biden bribing scheme is an obvious attempt at a power grab.

The state laws of Florida are null and void whenever there is a federal opinion on the issue. At least that’s what this scheme of bribing Florida lawbreakers implies. As Minister Cardona wrote, “If FLDOE does not wish to pursue such an approach, the Department will continue to work directly with the school districts and educators that serve Florida’s students.”

In case you weren’t clear on how the scheme will work, he spelled it out. “Any threat by Florida to withhold salaries from superintendents and school board members who are working to protect students and educators (or to levy other financial penalties) can be addressed using Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief [ESSER] funds at the sole and complete discretion of Florida school districts.”

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