AZ Audit Info Released By Cyber Ninjas

The private firm Cyber Ninjas, engaged by the AZ Senate alongside three other firms to audit the results, voting machines and records of the 2020 Election has released documents to the public detailing their auditing process.

This release only came after a Maricopa county Judge Daniel Martin ordered it over the strenous objections of the firm, fearing revelation of their proprietary trade secrets… and that furthermore as a firm hired by the State Senate, thair data falls under Legislative privalege.

The Democrat party has engaged the State Senate and Cyber Ninjas in mulitple hearings and lawsuits seeking (with seeming desperation) to either prevent, impede or stop the audit entirely.

What Is The Audit Looking For?

Cyber Ninjas didn’t file an appeal to the Maricopa County Court’s order and the documents were all released Thursday.

In fact Cyber Ninjas have provided the links to each document to the public “for the public to easily access to see that its procedures are sound.”(You can find them here, here and here).

ABC15‘s Garrett Archer reported that the audit is looking for,

  • “They are taking these ballots and looking for folds in the ballots with the assumption that all early ballots have folds in them,” said Archer. The process is called Kinematic Artifact detection. However, folds or lack of folds are not automatically considered fraudulent, some should be folded (mail-in ballots) some should not (on-site ballots or military/overseas ballots).
  • Physical differences in the ballots such as:
    • thickness
    • color
    • text
  • “Ballot counting teams must be accurate to within 0.03%” according to Cyber Ninjas and the ballots “will be counted by three counters. After every 100 ballots, the three counters will total their tally sheets.”
  • If discrepancies occur (and they will…) and if any “counter is off by 3 votes in any one race, the ballots must be recounted,”

According to reports only one doucemtn was witheld from public release referred to as “Exhibit D9” by Dan Barr, an attorney for the Arizona First Amendment Coalition.

He told reporters, “Cyber Ninjas has withheld one document, Exhibit D9, that it says contains sensitive security information, which has been provided to the attorneys in the case under an “attorneys eyes only” designation.”

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